Another week and more rain


This is starting to sound like a broken record.  The rain held off most of the day here but it was all around us.  It started to rain here around supper time.

Not much happened here until later this afternoon.  Bonnie took the sheets to Elizabeths to wash and I watched some Netflix shows.  Then when Elizabeth got home I helped grill the sausages for supper and tried to give her some hints as She, Alexus and Kaylee worked on tearing up the underlayment in the soon to be bathroom.

She managed to finally start getting big pieces up at a time.

Then pounded in the nails and pulled the staples.

Afterwards we sat out on the porch and watched it rain while she ate and we chatted.

She also gave me some lessons on how to use SnapChat but I am not catching on to that to fast.

Bonnie has really embraced using the Amazon Echo and when the Prime Deals started tonight and the Echo went on sale for $89.99 she said get another one so I did and also a Dot and a switch to control with Alexa.  The rain has finally stopped and its about time for bed.


No rain at all today.  It did get a bit warm and humid but tolerable.  I went down to Elizabeths for a while and got a shower while I was down there.  Then late this afternoon I grilled some chicken thighs for supper that Bonnie had marinated.  Then I watched a movie with the girls.  Alexus and Bailey were watching also, at least Alexus was.

Then we sat out on the deck for a while and then I called it a night.


So its been almost 2 years since I was able to attend dinner with my high school classmates but tonight I was able to.  It was the last meeting before the 50th reunion.  Alexus was wanting to see what the Cove was like and thats where the meeting was so she came along with me.

Many there remembered her and there was even a picture of her in the Album from the 40th reunion picnic.  So they were happy to see her and hear of what she has been up to.  Lots of questions too about our travels in the House on Wheels.  I am really looking forward to the reunion in about 10 days.  We have classmates coming from all over the US and one from the Philippines.  We had a good time, fun catching up and a pretty good Chicken Finger Sub.  Thats a wrap for the beginning of this week.

Thanks For Checking In!