Noahs Ark


We were expecting to see Noah’s Ark float by today.  Some local areas reported over 3 inches of rain today in 90 minutes. Pictures like this were all over Facebook from surrounding areas.

Many of the local creeks were in flood stage and some came close to setting records.  While it rained a lot here the creeks were able to handle the run off here in Holland.  Some farm friends reported losing some equipment in the flood waters.

We stayed close to home and in the dry.  Bonnie made her delicious Chicken Enchiladas for everyone and then we spend a quiet nite at home, except for a brief hail storm it has been pretty dry and seems to be cooling off a little.


No rain so far today.  We got a call from a friend this morning gifting us tickets to the Bill Gather Voice Band Concert tonight, so we are heading there.  Dana is back from his trip safe and sound.  Now to remember where Kleinhan’s Music Hall is and we will be all set, just kidding its on Porter Ave.  We found it and the parking no problem.  Farris pulled in just after us and we met at the front of the building.

We had great seats and the concert started on time.  Kevin Williams sang a couple familiar songs and we all sang along.

Then Bill Gaither joined him on stage and the concert got started.  Besides the singing there was a lot of joking around and just an all around great time.

The Vocal Band sang most of the time and they were really good.

Put each of the members in the band were also featured at one time or another.  My favorite was the fiddle player.

Wow could he play.  He also played the mandolin, banjo and guitar.  A close second was the piano player.

We left during the last song and beat all the traffic.  We even got to see a few of the fireworks from Coco Cola field at the end of the Bisons game and beat that traffic also.  I think we were home just before 11.


Not much to report on today.  I did you up and keep Dana company in the basement while he sorted through some stuff to get rid of or to sell.  Then in the afternoon we dog sat Bailey for a little while.

Dana and Elizabeth took Kaylee to the movies and Kaylee was at work.  Once I picked her up we went up and had some leftovers for supper and watched a couple episodes of “Heartland” with them.  Then back to the coach early for the night.


We were up this morning and we made the 50 minute drive over to Attica to visit the first church we attended back in 2000 when we moved to this area.

The church was full and it was really great to see a lot of our friends.  The youth were reporting today on their recent missions trip to Georgia.  Many of these kids were born back in the first few years we attended here.  Plus a lot of the ones that were children when we came are now married and starting their own families.  All this to say I am getting old but am finding a lot of Joy in it.

This afternoon was reserved to watch the NASCAR Race, which were were able to see using the NBC App on my phone.

Then we had a family game time.  We played a game called Watch Your Mouth.  You have to wear a device in you mouth that makes it very hard to pronounce certain letters.

Lots of laughter and a good time was had by all.  And thats wrap on this week.

Thanks For Checking In!