Starting out Dry


We had a birthday girl in the house today Happy Birthday Alyssa.  And it did not rain here all day.  Jessie replaced the oil pan on Kaylee’s car today and she helped.  I even went up to the garage for a while and pretty much just kept them company.  Its tough working under a car and trying to get at all the bolts.  Then they went out for a birthday dinner.  I grilled some burgers on the grill.  Then they burned some brush when they got back and I went out and sat with them for a while.  But I had a project.  When I did the dishes tonight the grey tank let me know it was full by backing up into the shower.  So I got hooked up and  Bonnie and Dana helped me dump the tanks.  Now its time for a little rest as its after 11.


Not much to report on here today.  We had nice dry weather again.  I did go down to Elizabeths and shower and then later on Bonnie went and continued on to go shopping.  While she was gone Jessie loaded up Alexus’s old car and hauled it off to the junk yard.  I did find it interesting that he rigged up the wheels so he could take them off easily once he got there.  And also removed the headlights and tail lights.

All loaded and ready to go.


Today was a much anticipated day.  We were headed to Batavia to have lunch with the Rindos friends that we met when we bought our first motorhome and joined the Holiday Rambler Club.  We have enjoyed many campouts with Bob and Carolyn.  We met at the Miss Batavia Diner and ended up being there for several hours catching up.  Over the last two years we have kept in touch through FaceBook and FaceTime but there is nothing like sharing a meal together.  Bonnie and Carolyn did lots of catching up.

Bob and I caught up and talked about more technical and mechanical things pertaining to our coaches.

After we said our see you laters we headed to Walmart.  I picked up a $16 Mr Coffee to replace the 5 or 6 year old one we had.  Ours had started overflowing the filter and we get grounds in our cups.  I also got some new filters just in case.  When we got back home I see another vehicle is loaded up and ready for pickup tomorrow morning.

Thats a wrap for the first part of this week.  Thanks for checking in.