Now thats a word you do not here often in Western NY but we had one today.  The day started off very nice looking.  That ended just after noon today when the Thunderstorm, then Severe Thunderstorm warnings started which ended in Tornado warnings.  The weather radio went off numerous times.  The actual tornado was about a mile from here but be had high winds that hit suddenly and I do not believe I have ever seen the trees bend so much.  This is just after the winds passed us

I heard several break in the woods and one good sized branch broke near the coach.

If the wind had come the other direction I believe we would have had trees on the coach.  We also had heavy rain for a short time and a few drips up front on the coach.  I noticed that the Wifi was not working and finally realized that the power was out.  We had seamlessly switched to the inverter without any problems.  I fired up the generator and let the girls know they were welcome to come down and watch TV instead of sitting in the dark house.  So we had company the rest of the day to include Bailey the lab and Stash the cat.  Bailey chilled out while we watched TV

Stash settled in on the couch next to me

We had some problems using the hot spots for Netflix but finally I found the right cables and we were able to stream off the iPad so we watched a lot of season 9 or Heartland.  Elizabeth joined us when she got home from work, still no power and the road to her house was closed and she told us a lot of trees were down.

Bonnie and Donna her sister gave each other pedicures.


We grilled pork loin on the grill and Bonnie made salt potatoes, Elizabeth prepared the veggies in the coach Microwave.

While is damp and humid the rain cleared out for most of the day.  We sat out until almost dark and Elizabeth was able to make it to her house but most traffic was still being diverted.

I had just checked the web site for NYSEG which estimated that power would be out until 5:30am tomorrow.  But just after 10:00pm the power came back on.  Its been solid since then and it is cooling off nicely.  The main WiFi is still out so I am having problems with my pictures transferring so may have to add them tomorrow.  I am calling it a night.  Here are some shots from around town posted on FB.


This morning when I got up it appears that the power stayed on all night.  Also the cable internet is working also, we are getting back to normal.  The news is now reporting that the tornado touched down at least twice.  First in Hamburg and here in Holland.  We went down to Elizabeths to get showers this morning and this picture is from her driveway.  The utility companies are still trying to get the wires back up on the poles and the state is clearing trees.  Must have been twenty trucks down there.  This is about where they are saying the tornado crossed the road.  Its just a couple hundred yards from here apartment.

These were two large pine trees at Three Valleys CG where Kaylee works about 2.5 miles from us.  Just straight line wind knocked them over.

When I took her to work today they had them pretty much cleaned up.

Tonight was the start of my 50 Year Class Reunion.  So Bonnie and I headed to the Cove again.  On the way we saw they were still working on the wires by Elizabeths house but it was looking pretty good.  We saw a lot more damage with trees down and fallen on houses.

This was an informal get together and 30 some people showed up.  So it was great to catch up with old friends and see whats been going on in their lives.  We are home and have a pretty busy day planned for tomorrow again.


Today we had a double chance to meet with old friends and catch up on what has been going on in their lives.  First off we headed into Doug’s house for the Buffalo City Mission Family picnic.  Some of you might recognize him in one of the pictures as he sings the National Anthem at the Buffalo Sabres games.  There was a good turnout there and we got there late after some of the folks had left after lunch.  We got lots of hugs and it was good to see a lot of the staff that we met and worked with when we were volunteers at the Mission.  Lots of visiting

Dana learned a new game called Spike Ball.  The kids enjoyed the pool and some of the other games.  I must say though that it was a bit humid.

From there we headed to Kloc’s Grove for my 50th Reunion Dinner.  Lots of visiting and hugs there also.  Some what like in school.  The girls.

And the guys.

Dan started off the evening with a view prepared words.

And then Joann finished up.  Dan was our class President and Joann his wife was our Salutatorian.

Then came the meal and the food was fantastic.  We really enjoyed it and the conversations around the table.  This is the last reunion our class will organize from now on we will attend the Alumni sponsored reunions that are held every year in June.  It was a very nice evening.

Sadly we have lost 12 classmates that we know off and there was a nice Memorial Poster Honoring them.  Nice to know they were with us in spirit.


We were tired last night when we went to bed so we decided that we were going to sleep in and play hookey from church.  I was up in time to watch the sermon from Crossroads on LiveStream but they did not stream today so we will catch it later.  I was watching the end of the British Open when Dana and Elizabeth got home so I went up and had some chicken with them for lunch.  Then back to the coach to watch the NASCAR race from Indianapolis.  It was hot and humid here so we turned on the AC.  The race was delayed after 12 laps for a thunderstorm.  So we started last weeks sermon from Crossroads.  About 2/3 of the way through that Kaylee came down and asked for help building a house for the cats.  So I went out to work on that with her.  She had a design in mind and we went with that.  So I went over to Dana’s outdoor shop.  He was going to work on some steps for Alexus’s and her elevated bed.

Here is our start.

And a couple hours later just before dark we finished up.

Just need to add a bed for them.  Now they can get out of the sun or the rain.

So that is why the blog is a bit late plus I wanted to finish up the sermon.  So thats a wrap on this week.

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  1. Pretty scary! Ann and I were glued to the tv and wondering if it was close to you. Super glad to hear you dodged the brunt of the tornado. God was certainly with you.

  2. 😁 keep dodging them! Remember that big storm in Little Rock when Julie and I visited? Miss y’all!😍

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