Cooler weather


After yesterdays humidity and heat it was very pleasant and cooler today.  I stayed home and Bonnie went to Elizabeths to do our laundry.  When she got home we made the bed and then heated up some leftovers for supper.  The day went pretty quickly.

Then Kaylee brought Grand dog Bailey down so we could watch her while her and Kaylee worked on some favors for the wedding.  Bailey is very well behaved but gets a little anxious still when Kaylee is not here.  Here she is keeping watch.

Checking out a noise in case it is her human coming to get her.

Even Bonnie took a break from reading to comfort her.

It started raining around sunset and we have had a light rain most of the evening.


Not much to report on today.  It was much cooler and overcast with some rain today.  We stayed home all day.  Elizabeth made tuna casserole for supper and I went up and had that.  Bonnie made herself eggs and bacon.  It was cool but decent so I sat out on the deck for a couple hours and Dana and I talked.  Jessie and Liz were also out there for awhile.

Well over a year ago I started reading about a class action suit being filed against Norcold.  They were the maker of the RV refrigerators that had so many problems and also cause fires.  I filled out the paperwork online and filed it to see what would happen.  Well the case was settled and last week I started reading in the RV forums that people were getting the first of 4 annual payments most amounting to $248.00.  Well in my scanned mail from our mail service yesterday I got this.

Looks like we should get our check in the next mail shipment.  Maybe good things do come to those who wait.  The four payments will go a long way toward paying for the refrigerator we replaced.  The best upgrade we ever did to the coach.

The rains came in and I headed for the coach.


A nice cool night even used the extra blanket on my side of the bed.  Headed down to the apartment for a shower when Bonnie got up.  Forgot to take my phone, that does not happen very often.

I thought it was a very pleasant day, some thought the humidity was a bit high.  Bailey came to visit for a while and got her daily treat.  Elizabeth came down after work and picked up the chicken wings Bonnie had and decided to do them on the grill.  I finished the show I was watching and carried up the celery and blue cheese dressing.  Dana took Kaylee to the DMV to get the plates and title for her car.  They got back just after the wings were done.  We finished the wings and sat around the table talking.  Then Dana and Elizabeth grilled some chicken fingers for Kaylee and Alyssa.  Kaylee had one left and it was calling Dana’s name he said no but it won.

Then Elizabeth did a little grooming for him.

It was almost dark when we called it a night.  Thats it so far this week.  Thanks for Checking In.