Got this on SnapChat from the back seat shortly after we left for Bradford, PA this morning.  Kaylee had to be at her school, the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, for orientation into the nursing program.  We left before 11 and she did not have to be there until 2:00PM.  We have been planning the trip for a while.  Its only 60 some miles but takes about 90 minutes on the back roads.

We had planned time to visit the Zippo/Case knife Museum in Bradford.  Anyone that was in the service knows about Zippo windproof lighters.  They not only function well but also serve a Pocket Art and keepsakes.  Every ship and most military unites had lighters with their insignia on it.  Here is one a shipmate posted of my ship’s  the Guadalcanal LPH 7

So it was fun to visit.  Zippo still will fix or replace any lighter that is not working no questions asked.  The are windows looking into the clinic where they work on them.  There are walls and walls of lighters.  Bonnie even bought a set that included a Case knife and a lighter.

Sometime back Zippo bought Case and there are a lot of Case knifes on display also.

At last it was time to head to the college, I found the girls sitting out front.

They are doing a lot of construction both on campus and around it and we had to detour a bit but somehow we ended up in the right place.

We followed the signs for event parking and orientation and I dropped Kaylee and Bonnie off.  I was on my own for a couple hours.

My Dad had always told me that Pennsylvania oil was the best.  I remember Kendall and Quaker State as being two of the brands.  Going down RT 219 we have driven by an Oil Derrick and Museum for years.

The man in the blue shirt coming out was a local guy who was cutting grass nearby.  He stopped to chat with me and see where I was from, small towns are great.  I paid the Senior Fee and went in starting with the movie.  Movie was pretty old put out by Kendall Oil and was Black and White.  I did find it very informative.  Then I took a quick look around the museum and learned even more.  This is the business end of the pumps that you see all over the oil fields, quite a simple pump, low volume but it gets the job done.  Its called a working barrel.

My dad and uncles had these in their garages when I was growing up.

I have seen lots of these cans growing up also.

The man that runs the place was trying to start this big engine put is was being stubborn today.

He did start a smaller one to show me but seemed disappointed that the big one would not start.  I was hungry so headed to a rare visit to McDonalds it will be a while before I go again but the ice water was good.  I headed back to the school and figured I would watch a show on my iPad but as soon as I got settled and started the girls came out and were done, so we headed home.  We had a nice day but it sure seemed long.


After yesterday today was pretty boring.  We did dog sit for a while late this morning until we had to leave at 1:30 for for Warsaw for our eye appointments.  Its about an hour to get over there.  We did manage to stop on the way over and renew our storage room where we have some family antiques and tools.  Then we made it to Warsaw on time to drive up to the new entrance to the hospital and see what it looked like.  Then on to University Eye.  They checked us in and updated our information since we had not been there for two years.  Then we started the exam procedure.  Which included dilating our eyes and mine are still pretty wide open hours later.  It makes me a bit nauseous.  I did get some news that for the first time she could see evidence of my diabetes in my eyes.  They even took pictures of the back of my eyes to document it.  I am trying to take that as a wake up call and hope to start eating healthier.

Then we came home via Arcade so Bonnie could shop.  So we should be resupplied for another week.  No one else is home so we are on our own.  The tanks are full so we have to dump tonight no one was around so Bonnie helped me.


Not much to report on today.  Beautiful and dry cool enough also.  The rest of the family with was working or took off for a graduation party that we did not know about until they left.  We did get a picture of the girls kayaking in Tonawanda Creek which is part of the Erie Canal.

So we hung out here since we had made no plans.  Bonnie went and took a shower and then I went a while later.

Bonnie had cooked up some 15 bean soup in the instant pot last night and we had that for a late afternoon snack.  It also had some pork in it and it was very good.

Elizabeth, Dana and Alexus stopped in for a quick visit just before 9pm and even brought me an Iced Capp from Tim Horton’s.  That’s about it for today.  Oh we got our insurance quote for next year wow it almost doubled again.  At least we have a month to do some investigating.


Another good night for sleeping.  We were up this morning and headed to church with Dana and Elizabeth.  Pastor Jeff was preaching at a local campground (pretty cool) so Pastor Scott delivered the message.  He has a good sense of humor and injected that into his message while delivering a very good sermon and keeping everyones attention.

Much warmer today and the humidity has come up some also.  So we hung around the coach.  The others were headed to a birthday party, busy week end.  We do look forward to our Sunday afternoon visit from Bonnie’s sister and nephew Eric after they close down their stall at the Farmers Market.  Alexus’s car has to go to the shop tonight to be looked at tomorrow so I have to remember to pick her up from work tomorrow.  Hopefully they will find the oil leak quickly and be able to fix it.

Well thats a wrap for this week.  Thanks For Checking In!