August 2017

Last Week Of Summer

MONDAY We always thought of the week before Labor Day as the last week of Summer so here we are.  Time to start planning our trip back down to Alabama. […]


MONDAY Well I went to bed fairly early last night and ended up easily sleeping 11 hours.  I mean a slept a solid 11 hours no laying around in bed […]


Thursday Well I lost a whole day somehow.  Our routine has been changed this week and I guess I am easily confused.  I missed posting the blog last night and […]


MONDAY I don’t think I even left the coach today.  Dana and Elizabeth are traveling back from Jamaica today and we will all be reunited again.  They had a couple […]

Working with Joe

THURSDAY Joe was back right at 9 again this morning and I had the house unlocked for him.  Todays project was to get the tub level and set it in […]

Decompress and have fun

MONDAY Today we did nothing outside the coach.  We tried to decompress a little.  Bonnie is a little under the weather but I think towards the end of the day […]

Countdown to Wedding

THURSDAY Today is the anniversary of my Dad’s dying 24 years ago.  Still miss having him to talk to. The day started off with a phone call and pretty nice […]

Last Week

MONDAY Well we are in the last week before the wedding.  So things are tending to ratchet up here as time is getting short to get things done.  That said […]