Last Week


Well we are in the last week before the wedding.  So things are tending to ratchet up here as time is getting short to get things done.  That said we did not do much today.  I had put in my RX refills on line last night and Bonnie called the Dr for a renewal today.  Then I had to pick up Alexus since her car was in the shop.  Then we picked up the RXs on the way home.  I got a call from our wonderful insurance agent Chris Yust that she had looked into our renewal policy and she agreed that something was not right with it.  She promised to check into and fired off an email to the claims adjuster.  That was about it for today.


Another easy day.  I picked up Alexus again and as I pulled into the drive way Chris Yust called again.  Not sure I explained by our renewal came in at over $5000.  Chris had worked with the claims adjuster from our last accident and indeed some things had been entered incorrectly.  The adjuster corrected them and our premium dropped about $2000, whew.  Thank You Chris for helping to correct the issues.  This is our Full Timers insurance for both the coach and car, while it is high it is not so bad all things considered.

Bailey was also here for a few hours today to keep us company.  Plus Alexus’s car is repaired, the oil pan was cracked.  So she should be all set now.


Here we are the middle of the week and I think all is coming together for the wedding at least no one is in a panic mode.  Kaylee and Alyssa are camping with friends but Alyssa came home to work today and then they went back.  Bailey came to stay with us for the afternoon.  She sure enjoys her Dozer Dog Chews.  She seems to savor it for a while and then slowly eats it while she holds it between her paws.

Bonnie and Alexus spent the afternoon together and did a little shopping, got their eyebrows done and had dinner.  Elizabeth grilled up some chicken and cooked up some summer squash.  As it got dark we were still sitting outside and enjoyed the evening.  Some on their phones but still lots of conversation.


Liz and Jessie built a porch type swing for Dana and Elizabeth as a wedding present and gave it to them tonight.  I will have to get a picture of it tomorrow.  Alexus went down to the coach and brought back Klondike bars and malted milk balls the end to a great evening.

Thats a wrap for the first part of this week.





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  1. Have a great wedding week!
    Be sure to enjoy this special time!

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