Countdown to Wedding


Today is the anniversary of my Dad’s dying 24 years ago.  Still miss having him to talk to.

The day started off with a phone call and pretty nice weather.  After breakfast Bonnie got ready and headed out.  She had an appointment for beauty treatments, then a little shopping and finally picked up some groceries.  She was gone until after 4.  We had a little rain while she was gone but once she was home a line of thunderstorms came through and soaked everything good and cooled us off nicely.  Robby our son and Reagan our Granddaughter called and they are on their way up here for the wedding.  School started this week in Alabama and the other kids are going to stay in school and Ashley has to work.  We will miss them but understand.  I think they will drive halfway tonight and the rest tomorrow.

The guys pick up their tuxes tonight and I think they are going to start decorating the church tomorrow.  Seems the rain has cleared out so we should have a dry night.  NFL football tonight, the Hall of Fame Game from Canton.  Guess I will watch that.

My son made it to Louisville and is off the road in a hotel, I am off to bed.


Today started off nice but storms quickly formed.  I kept an eye on the weather and talked to my son every so often to let him know what to expect.  He stayed clear of most of the weather until he got past Erie, PA.  They did manage to make a stop at a Tim Hortons.

They got here a little after 4.  Dana and Elizabeth had been getting things ready at the church and were on their way home.  I knew that had stopped at a restaurant and called Robby so he could walk in and surprise them.

After they got home and visited a while Elizabeth and Alexus left for their Mani/Pedi appointments.  Robby wanted to go to Mighty Taco so we did.  Then we dropped off Reagan so she could get her nails done.  Robby stayed to visit also.  We headed home.

Dana was cleaning up after the storms and burning some debris.  It took some doing but he got the fire going.

I got a couple chairs and sat out with him.  Stoke the fire.

Bring it on.

Soon the rain started and as it picked up we retreated and I put the chairs away.  Then we decided to dump the tanks and get that over with.  So the rain stayed light and we got the tanks emptied, so that chore is done for at least a week.  We put the stuff away and headed inside.  The rest of the crew had just shown up to.  So time for some more visiting.

The pace will really start to pick up tomorrow so I am hoping for a good night sleep.


Today dawned with rain in the air and it rained off and on all day.  But today is set up for the reception and then rehearsal for the wedding.  Elizabeth picked up Bonnie around 9:30 and they headed to the church to set up.  I then had my breakfast and ran down to the apartment to get a shower.  Then I headed to the church also.  A lot was going on and things were starting to shape up.  He are some pictures from the day.  Bonnie is hard at work.

The Matron of Honor working on the head table

Robby got the job of ripping the music into the MAC

Soon it was time for rehearsal.  Reagan and I waiting for instructions.

Learning where to stand.

Still waiting

The unity candle

Then we practiced the whole processional twice and I think everyone is ready for tomorrow.  We all headed off to the local Mexican Restaurant for dinner.  There was still some finishing up to do at the church and some of the gang went back to help with that.  Us old folks came home and got ready for tomorrow.  I am really drained.  It was a much more emotional day for me than I thought.  Elizabeth and I have a pretty tight bond and now I will be trusting her well being to another man and taking a back seat.  Not sure how easy that will be but I do know that she has found a good man and I know he will take great care of her.  So needless to say I had a few moments today.  Elizabeth told me once I was leaking.  Hoping I can get a good nights sleep tonight.

SUNDAY Wedding Day

Today is the big day.  The weather is beautiful.  The girls all went to the church at about 11.  I needed to be there at 1.  I watched the LiveStream from Crossroads Church, another great message.

I thought about giving a speech at the reception but I knew I get too emotional to get through it.  Robby reminded me how emotional I got at my retirement.  So I wrote a letter to Elizabeth and shared my personal thoughts with her.  Robby stayed with her last night and gave it to her this morning before she went to church.  She was relaxing with him when she had time to read it and he sent me a picture.  We talked afterwards and I hope it becomes a keepsake.

I did not realize how hard it would be to turn my little girl over to the care and under the protection of another man.  But I know she has picked a good one.

Then I slowly got ready and made it a little after 1.  Dana and Robby were just inside the door in a room so I talked to them for a minute.  Then I headed to the other end of the church to find Elizabeth.  She was with the girls who were all getting their hair done.  So I left them alone and found a quiet place to reflect and relax.

Then around 2 I headed upstairs to check out the reception area.  The food smelled so good and everything looked ready.  Also very quiet, the calm before the storm.

The cakes arrived and look good.  This is the Bride and Grooms cake.  Then there were four different kinds of cake and the two kinds that I tried were delicious.  Raspberry Champaign and Maple syrup Bacon, with real beacon, wow was it good.  Then I headed out front for the guests to arrive and soon my sister and brother-in-law arrived.  So we got to do a little bit of visiting before the wedding.  Her children arrived early also so it was great to see them.  I appreciate them coming up from the Philadelphia area.

Before I knew it was 3 o’clock time for the wedding.  The pastor came up and some people were still coming in so they waited to bring the girls up until about 3:15. Then the girls came up and got to relax for a minute before they had to stand up front for a long time.

We had time for a couple quick photos.  With our son, not sure why I look in distress.

Just us two.

And one with the bride.

Then it was time to march to the music.  We both shed a few tears heading down the aisle.  Elizabeth looked beautiful and some cried tears of joy which got us started and I heard a lot of wows.  I was so very proud to walk her down the aisle.  The ceremony was wonderful and even had some humor here and there so I think everyone was at ease after the first few moments.  Reagan did a wonderful job as flower girl and we are so glad she was able to come.

Then the formal pictures were taken but there was still time for a little fun with the kids.

Then back for the reception.  Bucky one of the church members and Dana’s friend did the catering and the food was amazing.  We did all the traditional toasts and first dances.  I am not a dancer but I enjoyed dancing with my daughter to the special song she chose.  And I got to see my sister and Joe.

And we got to sit with our special friends Bob and Caroline Rindo.  They were the first couple to make us feel at home when we bought our first RV and joined the Holiday Rambler Club.  I even had fun in the photo booth with Bonnie and then later Elizabeth.  Special times.

Everyone had a good time and then slowly the crowd dwindled.  Those that where still there all pitched in and the clean up happened quickly, fantastic.  I know I was beat.  We still had to load up the left overs and take back to the house.  Bonnie and Alexus put them all in zip loc bags to freeze.  Then it was time to relax and unwind.

My son and Reagan headed for Alabama with an overnight stop in Ohio.  Once Reagan fell asleep he called me and I kept him company until he got to the hotel.  Now I think I can head to bed as it going on 1am.

It was a wonderful day.  The photographer has post a few pictures on FaceBook.  One of my favorites.

And thats a wrap for this week.  Thanks For Checking In.


  1. Great job Bobby. You held up well. Congratulations to all.

  2. Beautiful!
    Congratulations to all!

  3. Congratulations to the Bride, the Groom and the parents. And thanks for sharing the joy of this occasion. May the new couple share happiness, challenges, and the satisfaction of being an important new part of a pair of families that are fortunate to be blessed by their new
    Dana and Elizabeth, Cheers to You !
    Dan Driver

  4. really beautiful. congratulations to the happy couple, and thanks for sharing the great pictures.

  5. So glad you shared this special day with us. So touching how you explained the emotions of the day. Congratulations to Elizabeth and Dana! You and Bonnie looked great. What a blessed day!

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