Decompress and have fun


Today we did nothing outside the coach.  We tried to decompress a little.  Bonnie is a little under the weather but I think towards the end of the day she was feeling better.  First thing this morning was the cake crisis.  No one knew where the cake was.  Around noon Dana and Elizabeth came by the house and she and Alexus went up to the church and found it and brought it home so they could freeze it for the first anniversary.  Then we could relax.  Although Dana and Elizabeth seemed to have a good sized list of loose ends to tie up before they leave in the morning.  They came to the coach and said good by and I don’t expect to see them for a week.  So we are all on our own for a while.  It was very overcast today almost dark for most of the day and quite cool.  Tomorrow we will start getting back to normal.

I have been checking Facebook often as some folks have been posting their pictures.  Also keeping an eye on my sons travels and talking with him as he made his way back to Huntsville.  They stopped for a chili dog, must have been good.

My sister made it home also as did her son.  So thats about it for today.  Here are a couple more of the wedding pictures.

Brother and Sister

These were on facebook


By the time I got up this morning the newly weds were already in Fort Lauderdale.  It looks like they are decompressing nicely.

After breakfast and coffee I headed up to the house to wait for Joe the carpenter to come and work on the new bathroom. He soon backed in his trailer.

And got to work.  First he built a soffit for over the sinks to hold recessed lights.

Then some nailers for the ceiling edges.

And finally the floor.

Kaylee came up a while later and we hung out together the rest of the day in case Joe needed help with anything.  She also did a little grooming on the cat and Bailey


I was keeping an eye on the flight the newly weds were on and saw that it had landed safely.  Then I showed Kaylee how to play backgammon on the iPad.  She caught on quickly and won some of the games.

Then we switched to Crazy 8’s and she beat me at that.  She is quite the card shark.

We were a bit hungry so Kaylee grilled us a couple hot dogs.  Bonnie had been over at the apartment doing laundry and finally got home.  Next was we took Kaylee’s car over to Eric’s so he could take a look at it and see what it needed done.  Then a quick stop for an ice cream cone at Zyder Zee and we picked up Alyssa from work.  About that time we heard from the honeymooners that they had arrived and were waiting for dinner.  So another good day in the books.


I was up this morning before 8, had a quick breakfast and then up to the house to open it up for Joe the Carpenter.  He was right on time and went right to work.  Looks like the honeymooners found some WiFi and sent a couple pictures this morning.

They are starting to relax and decompress I think.  Joe was about to finish the list that Dana left him and I texted him to let them know because I know they want to get as much of the bathroom done as possible.  So Dana actually was able to FaceTime me and was able to talk to Joe about the next step.  So the next step was the bathtub and there was paperwork here on which one they wanted.  So Joe and I headed off to Lowe’s and we were able to pick up the tub and surround.  The tub fit in his van and we put the surround on top.

The girls were quite excited to see the new tub.

So Joe will be here tomorrow and we will set the tub in mortar in place and cut the hole in the floor for the drain, we also picked up a drain kit.

Joe had to leave to set up for the archery club at church so Kaylee and I played some more crazy eights.

I think Bailey is enjoying being outside more and laid peacefully under the table.

Except for when she was being a lap dog.

Then it was time for me to head into Lancaster for dinner with some of my classmates.  We have met for dinner every so often for the last 12 years or so.  Even though we just had the reunion the tradition continues.  So 15 of met at the Yelling Goat and had a nice time, service was a little slow but the food was really good.

I did get a text that the honeymooners tried a double kayak and had some success but did roll it over 3 times.  Now it sounds like they are really having fun.

Thats a wrap for the beginning of this week.  Another early morning for me tomorrow.  Thanks For Checking In!