Working with Joe


Joe was back right at 9 again this morning and I had the house unlocked for him.  Todays project was to get the tub level and set it in mortar.  First he had to build an end wall and then we connected the drain and overflow pipe.  The only hitch was the pip was a bit short so we went to ACE and got a short piece of pipe and a coupling and then it went in properly.  Joe spent some time making sure everything was level and then mixed the mortar and Jessie helped him set the tub in place.  So its now in place and screwed to the walls the mortar now needs to set up overnight.  Thats about it from here.  Time to watch the Bills pre season game.


Up early again and headed up to unlock the house.  Joe was coming again to put in some blocking for nailers and to level up the ceiling and the side wall for the surround and the glass doors.  He worked on that until early afternoon.  Kaylee kept me company and we played cards again out on the deck.  Once Joe left I came down on the coach to scan in last months receipts and some medical information I had.  Bonnie took the girls clothes shopping and after I finished the scanning I caught up on some reading.

Once the girls were home I ran Kaylee to work and then picked her up when she was done.  Bailey spent the early evening with us.


Today was a busy day.  I ran down to the apartment to shower while Bonnie prepared coleslaw and then baked a pie.  She vacuumed also.  Then she ran down for a shower.  Once she was home I ran Kaylee to work.  Then we headed up to Carols house for her August birthday bash.  Lots of people lots that I had not met before so it was nice to get to know them.  Alex took Bailey and she got to met and interact with San Bob’s dog.  Bob is Carols friend and he did all the grilling today.  We had hot dogs, hamburgers, corn, sausage etc.  Lots and Lots of food as everyone brought a dish to pass.  Oh there were also grilled claims, about 400 of them.


Then the games started one was called hammerslagen, where you try to drive the other persons nails into the the end of a log.

Of course you have to throw the hammer in the air and catch it first.  Once you catch it you can not move your hand.

We also had axe throwing which was very poplar.

I threw it three times.  The first one missed but the next two stuck so I quit while I was ahead.

There was also frisbee, horse shoes, and volleyball.  The dogs also got to go swimming in the pond.  I believe as I was leaving there were a few people headed down to the pond for a quick dip.  I played a couple games of euchre with a couple just learning and they caught on pretty quick.  So all in all we had a fun time and enjoyed the evening.

Bob finally got to take a break and eat a hamburger.  Of course SAM was hoping for a late night snack also.

And she got the last bite.


I was up until about 2am last night so this morning I watched the LiveStream from a couple weeks ago at CrossRoads.  Then I woke up Bonnie and we headed to Brian’s Campground for the Williams Reunion.  The turn out was not real great this year but we still had a good time.  There were 15 of us and one dog.  We had pizza and wings and then a short meeting.  It so happened that Janice LNU had her 96th birthday today.  We sang to her and she add “and many more” to the end of the song.  She still drives and drove here self up here today from the Jamestown area.

We headed home just after 3 and tuned in to the NASCAR Race in Michigan.  I was doing some other things so the race just became background noise.  But we did see Kyle Larson win.  Bailey came out with Kaylee and we had a quick visit and Bailey got her treat for the day.  Looks like there is going to be a campfire here tonight so I am going to go out and join in.  So thats a wrap for this week.  Thanks For Checking In.