I don’t think I even left the coach today.  Dana and Elizabeth are traveling back from Jamaica today and we will all be reunited again.  They had a couple hour bus ride across the island from the resort to the airport.  There flight was a few minutes late, but they made most of that up by the time they landed in Chicago.  Then they had to clear customs and recheck their luggage and get to the gate.  They got to the gate just as the plane was boarding and are now in the air to Buffalo.  I have been tracking the flights and I can even listen to air traffic control, amazing technology.


After a late night I slept in a little this morning.  Then I wandered up to the house to see how the work on the new bathroom was going.  Dana and Kaylee were starting to run some wire.

So we pretty much worked on that until supper time.  I helped Kaylee wire up the fan and the bluetooth speaker/fan.  Bonnie worked on making chili for supper and we stopped at 5:30 to eat.

Then armed with the list that we had made during the day we headed for Lowe’s in Springville.  It did not take long to load up a basket with pieces and parts.

After we checked out of Lowe’s we headed over to Walmart so they could do some shopping for the girls for the start of school which is fast approaching.  After a quick stop at Tim Hortons we were headed home.

Once home Dana and I commenced to dump the tanks.  That took until almost midnight and now it is 1am and the Tim Hortons caffeine still has me awake.  But I am going to try to sleep anyway.  More wiring to do tomorrow.


After I got and got going I went up to the house and worked on putting in a 4 gang switch box.  Then I pulled in the wires for the two fans, two sets of lites and the blue tooth speaker.  It was a good day and a lot got accomplished here.  Dana working in the basement.

Then we all ate together and planned for Thursday.  I guess I was tired as I forgot to post the blog.  So I will get it posted now on Thursday night.  Thanks For Checking In.