Well I lost a whole day somehow.  Our routine has been changed this week and I guess I am easily confused.  I missed posting the blog last night and didn’t even know it until my sister reminded me.

I did sleep in some this morning but then went up to help at the house again.  So we did some more wiring and hung a light over the sink.  Then Jessie drilled the two holes for the dryer vents through the two inch siding.

This house has what is called plank walls.  You never find walls that thick in houses now a days. We are putting in two vent fans and this the two vent hoods out side.

Dana and I ran some of the vent pipe and then went downstairs to figure out what pipe and fittings was needed to hook up two washers and two dryers a sink, and later a toilet.  Its was raining by the time we finished and it is to rain the rest of the night.  It was after 8 and I had not had any supper yet just a couple donuts from Meyer brothers.  So I headed to the coach and had a bit to eat.  Bonnie was still up at her sisters making Peach Jam.

Darren sent me a picture of this receipt for a car my Dad bought.  Interesting prices in 1970

He and the kids are making some progress on the log cabin in the woods.

I will have to get over to see it in person.


This morning we left to head into Depew to check out vanities and other essentials for the bathrooms.  One of Elizabeths co-workers father owns a Bath and Kitchen store.  The store was really nice and lots of displays and examples to choose from.  They picked out the things that they wanted and put them on order.

From there we headed to Lowe’s again and picked up lots of CPVC fittings and some pipe.  Then we headed home.  I got to take a little break and even got a 10 minute power nap.  Then I joined Dana and Jessie in the basement.  Jessie had opened up a spot in the stone foundation for the new dryer vents and then mortared in sleeves for the vents, a real good looking job.  Dana and I started on the plumbing for the new washers and sink.  This was my cutting and glueing station.

We managed to get quite bit done by supper time and right after supper I went down to ACE and picked up two valves so we could get the water turned back on to the rest of the house.  They are the blue handled ones in the picture.  Dana also got the gas lines run for the dryers.

Time to move one dryer and washer into place and see how they look.

Soon the water heater will be moved and there will be more room.  We quite around 9:30 and we will get started again in the morning.  At least we got the water back on for the night


We spent the day working on running a new electric service and continued working on the plumbing.  Then we started hooking up the macerator after we built a platform. For it to sit on along with a future toilet. We worked steady but the time sure disappeared quickly.  We did take a break for dinner, shake and bake boneless pork chops.  Then back to the basement and we finished the discharge side of the macerator.  I headed to the coach.  Dana hooked up the sink and then called it a night.


We were up and Dana and Elizabeth picked us up for church at Pioneer Christian Fellowship.  Following a good time of Worship songs, then Communion, Pastor Jeff had a good message.  Afterward we hung around and talked to several people.  Then a quick stop at Value for some PVC fittings to finish up the vent on the macerator.  I stayed in the car and this cool old Mercury was parked next to us.  Even the idling engine sounded cool.

Then I took it easy for a while until Dana asked me to come help in the basement.  He had the vent run and then we put in some stubs in the water lines and capped them off.  We hooked up the water lines for the washer.  Power to macerator and then we took off a washer hose.  We used it to run water into the sink and used that to test the macerator.  It all worked and it empties the sink pretty quickly.  So they started a load of towels and waited for the washer to empty the first time.  All worked as expected.

We had turkey breast for supper very good and potatoes and veggies.  Then it was time to head to the coach for the evening.  Guess we will learn if the dryer worked tomorrow.

Thats Wrap for This week, Thanks for Checking In!