Well I went to bed fairly early last night and ended up easily sleeping 11 hours.  I mean a slept a solid 11 hours no laying around in bed after I woke up.  Anyway the big event today was the Solar Eclipse.  While we were far from a total eclipse here in Buffalo it was still fun.  My son in Huntsville had the maximum eclipse around 2:30 our time and sent this picture.

The max here was at 2:34 and someone posted this picture from near the Bills stadium.

Bonnie was up at the house and cooked spaghetti for super, Liz made garlic toast and there was salad also.  It must of been a popular meal because there were 9 of us around the table.

Lots of fun, laughter and good conversation.  Not to mention everything was delicious.  Then there was watermelon and cake for dessert.  A great family dinner.

Elizabeth and Dana survived there first day back at work after being off 2 weeks.  The girls were happy to get their laundry done and gave the washer and dryer a good stress test and every thing functioned well with no problems.  After dinner Bonnie’s sister Carol stopped and we had a nice visit.

Time to listen to what President Trump has to say on Afghanistan.  I have to say he sounded pretty Presidential and if I was still in the Navy I would say I was ready to follow him into war if need be.  Easy to tell he is proud of the military.


Today started out as a beautiful day.  Then around lunch time the WEX radio alerts started going off.  Lucky for us most of the tornado warnings were Southwest of us and the rain and winds passed to the North of us.  But then in the second go round we were right in the path of the downpours.

We are the blue dot in the middle.  Fortunately the storms were moving quickly and we did not have any problems.  Jessie was out in the yard trying to split firewood when the downpour came out of no where.  He was soaked before he could get into the shop.

Bonnie was a busy Beaver today.  She boiled potatoes and made her famous potato salad.  She also did a pork roast in the instant pot and turned it into pulled pork.  Then she used some of the fresh peaches to make a pie with a crumpled crisp top.  Wow what a day.  All in her own kitchen here in the coach.

Elizabeth called and they had a meeting to go to with Alyssa at school so were going to be late for supper.  By the time she called supper was already cooked.  Bailey came for a visit and brought her girl Kaylee along.

We were just starting to eat.  She spotted the peach pie, but Bonnie told her supper first.  So she made herself a plate.  Then Jessie came and tried some of the pulled pork and potato salad.  Must of been good as he had seconds.  We all watched the news together and chatted.  Then Dana, Elizabeth, Alyssa and Alexus came and they had their supper.  We all had a generous piece of pie and everyone declared it delicious.  We got to visit for a while before everyone left at 8 looking tired but satisfied.  It was nice to have everyone here for dinner.  Then I got a special treat.  Bonnie not only cooked today but she also did all the dishes, Thank You so Much!  I usually do the dishes and really appreciate a night off.

Right around 10pm the third round of storms came thru.  I think this is the actual cold front and we are to have cooler temperatures for a while, like into the high 40s overnight later in the week.


What a beautiful day today was.  We only had the windows part of the way open as there was a breeze and the temperature was perfect.  Elizabeth made tuna noodle casserole for supper after she got home.  Dana took some of the kids up to church for the archery night.  We had an invite to friends a friends house and we headed up there.

We were invited up to Mike and Pam Drivers for the evening to catch up on the last couple of years.  We had a great time and there was lots of conversation and the evening passed way too quickly.  Mike is Dan’s brother, if you remember Dan visited us last week. Pam had made a lemon meringue pie and it was delicious.  Mike is also the President of the Java Village Cemetery Association, which is were Bonnie wants to be buried so we broke out the maps and discussed that.

Next step is to go down and look at the spots.  Bonnie’s parents are buried here so we will look at spots close to them.

And on that note and the fact that its 1:30am I will go ahead and post this.  Thanks For Checking In.