It’s in the 40s at night


Since it was so late when we got to bed last night I slept in a little this morning.  My phone woke me a little after 9 and I went ahead and got up.  Then I took Alyssa to the Post Office a little after 11 and it was closed, so we went back after one to pick up an Amazon order that came for her.  We also received a mail shipment today at the house mailbox.  Rather than get out of her car and deliver it to the house it was crammed into the mailbox.  Which split the envelope open and bent a membership card that was in the shipment.

Kaylee had to work this afternoon so Bailey came and stayed with us.  She is quite comfortable in the coach now, in fact she followed me down here after dinner tonight.

Jessie split wood all day and when Kaylee got home from work she helped him.  They got a lot of wood split.

Bonnie made split pea soup for supper and I grilled cube steaks.  Then Bonnie also baked brownies for dessert.  It cooled off pretty quickly after the sun set and I got a bit chilled before I headed in for the night.  The kids had a quick bonfire and then called it a night.  The temperature dipped into the 40s last night and it looks like it will again tonight.  Its great sleeping weather.  Oh the town finally poured the concrete for the section of sidewalk they had removed.

We are still watching for the perfect house to come on the market in Alabama nothing yet, but we still plan to head down there after Labor Day.


Another great sleeping night.  I had the mattress pad cranked up and I slept like a baby.  The day was sunny and while it stayed cool outside it was nice inside and we even had the windows open.  Bailey came for her visit and treat and stayed with me for a little while.  Alexus got home and helped me change the batteries in the outside temperature sensor.  Then Elizabeth came and visited for a while before we left for game night.

Since we were going to Springville we stopped at Lowe’s to pick up the two toilets that have been ordered.  Of course it took a while to get the price adjusted to what it should have been but it eventually all worked out.  The two boxes looked awfully big sitting on the cart and each one weighed 118lbs.  But they fit in the back of the KIA along with the 5 of us up front.  We finally made it to Jim’s.  We had pizza and salad and chips.  Brian and Kim were a little late getting there but they finally made it.  We never did get around to playing any games, instead it became story night and everyone shared stories about many and varied experiences they had while growing up.  Lots of laughter and a good night shared with friends.

We had to stop at Walmart on the way home for some groceries for a picnic tomorrow.  So its after midnight now and I am going to call it a night.


In the high 40s overnight again, great sleeping weather.  In fact I did not even wake up until 11 this morning, guess my body needs the rest.  Then we left around 1 pm for a picnic at Elizabeths co workers house.  It was mostly family and friends from church.  I sat down with a group of men about my age and we had a great afternoon of chatting and telling stories.  There was a ton of food which I took it easy on and got home without feeling overly stuffed.  But it was all very good.

Kaylee is packing for school and leaves tomorrow for Bradford, but she will be home for Labor Day weekend so we will get to see her again.  She also works on the weekends so she did not get to go to the picnic today.

So the day is over and we are all home and in for the night.


Today was a bitter sweet day.  We had an early visit from Kaylee and Bailey before we left for church today.  Kaylee leaves for school today and I think Bailey could sense it.  So we said see you soon and wished her a good week in school.  We shall miss her smile and laughter especially during our Crazy 8 marathons.  Yes only a week as she will be home next weekend to work at the camp for the Labor Day Weekend.  We were hoping to see her after church as the girls and Elizabeth and Dana were going with her to school for the day to get moved in.

I had done my periodic complete shutdown of my MAC last night and when I turned it on this morning it looked like this.

Try again did not fix it all I could do was Shut Down.  I did a little research using my iPad and found that I could boot up in Safe Mode.  I checked the dish it was good.  Then I tried a couple other things and started a recovery before we left for church.

We did get to see Kaylee after church and say See You again before they took off for Bradford and the start of her sophomore year and start in the nursing program.  We held the fort down at home.  When we got home my computer was still not working.  I tried a simple command R restart, which starts an operating system reload.  It took awhile but we are up and running again.  From what I read it was an embedded touch bar update that failed and caused the problem.  At least the MAC pretty much healed itself with just a little help.

We watched the NASCAR Xfinity race and I went up and got Bailey to keep us company.

She settled in to rest and wait for her family to get home.

Been watching the reports from Houston and Texas.  Please keep the residents and those headed there to help them in your prayers please.

Thats a wrap for this week.  Thanks for Checking In!