Last Week Of Summer


We always thought of the week before Labor Day as the last week of Summer so here we are.  Time to start planning our trip back down to Alabama.  We will take a different route than we took to get up here.  Probably tow or three overnight stops on the way down.

A sad day here as Stash one of the cats here crossed the Rainbow bridge.  He had urinary tract crystals and was in a lot of pain according to the Vet.  We are all sad but know that he is no longer in pain.  He was a nice cat and would jump up on my lap just like our cat would when we had her.  Dana Elizabeth and Alyssa drove back down to Bradford today to tell Kaylee personally since he was her cat.  Then Dana had to continue on to Baltimore for a meeting tomorrow.

Once the girls got home we all headed to the Holland Hotel which recently opened again.  I will say that the wood fired pizza and wings were good.  I had a Reuben and Bonnie had a burger and they were very good also.  But the kitchen was slow and one pizza did not come out until we were all ready to leave.  Waiting on the food.

Hopefully they get their act together as we hope they succeed and the food is good.  Cooling off nicely so should be good sleeping again.


Another great sleeping night.  Not much going on this morning.  Then the girls and Bonnie decided to go shopping.  So they were gone for several hours and I caught up on some of my shows.  Once they got home Alexus came running down with her computer.  Seems it got left on the couch and a bowl of water got spilled and her MAC got wet from the bottom up.

I took it apart and dried it, first with a towel and then carefully with a hairdryer.  Then we slowly brought it back to life.  At least it seems to be working normally with the power supply.  However the battery does not charge or power the MAC. This seems to be par for the course when the machine gets wet.

I will leave it on tonight but from what I am reading it needs a new battery.  She has an appointment at a Mac Solutions store tomorrow.  Hopefully they can get the battery replaced and it fully recovers.  I will leave it on all night and day to allow the internal heat to dry up any remaining moisture.

After that Bonnie and I visited the cemetery where her folks are buried and where she wants us to be buried.  Then back home for the evening.


Not much to write about today.  Dana is back from his business trip.  I went with Alexus to Mac Solutions Plus and they looked at her Mac.  Looks like the top half of the machine which includes the battery needs to be replaced.  Also the fan is toast, I did see water in the fan.  There is also a possibility that the logic board will need replaced as it has some corrosion on it.  But they will test it one the other is replaced.  Worse case is about $844.  Bad but still much cheaper than a replace meant and the Mac will be like new.

Thats it for the beginning of this week.  Thanks For Checking In!