Chilly at night


Forecast was for a low of 39 tomorrow night, but now its been revised up to 42.  Easy first half of the day.  Then Bonnie left to go shopping.  Once Alexus got home she came down to help me wash the coach.  We had to get out a couple extra lengths of hose to reach everything and got started.  I was thinking we might only do half today.  But we found a good pace and before I knew it we were about to finish.

Everything went well.  We just did not have the energy to dry it so we have a few water spots but she was still smiling at the end.  Thank You so much for the help.

All this after she worked all day.  I could not have done it myself.  Then I check the level of the coolant in the AquaHot and it was all good.  So I am slowly getting things checked out for our September 10th departure.  Then we put the hoses away and called it good.

Bonnie got home with the groceries and some cheddarwurst and sausage to do on the grill for supper.  Elizabeth and Dana came down just as she was finishing putting away the groceries.  They grabbed the stuff for supper and we all headed up to the house to cook.  Then after supper we came down to the coach for dessert, peach cobbler.  Then with our bellies full we watched the kids practice their bow shooting.  Watching the Bills game now and thats about it for today.


Big mistake not drying the coach yesterday, lots of water spots.  Another chilly night, I actually went to bed to get warm.  This morning and tonight we have the heat on.  Time to prepare to head South.  Kaylee got back from college this afternoon.  Her and Alyssa came down to visit along with Alyssa.  Then she headed off to the campground to work.  We had chili cheese dogs for supper with French fries.

We did sit out to eat but no one lingered as it was getting pretty chilly. I can’t believe how quickly the days have gotten shorter, could it be a result of the eclipse?  I think not.  Someone did get a new bow case.

Bow practice has become very popular around here, so be careful where you walk.  After work Kaylee came down looking for something to eat and she found it in Bonnie’s well stocked refrigerator.  Then we watched part of a movie before she headed off to feed her pets and get to bed early.  Now its off to bed for us also.


Another chilly night and morning.  I fired up the diesel side of the Aqua Hot this morning to warm up the coach.  The heat pump would have done it but its good to use all the systems onboard to make sure they function.  It stayed cool all day.  Bonnie and I stayed home but the girls went shopping and Dana worked in the basement.  I did fire up the big CAT engine in the rear of the coach today and I am happy to say it purred like a kitten.  Another step to get ready to leave in a little over a week.  I also spent some time researching a couple campgrounds for stops on the way South.  Then several of the family stopped in looking for lunch so Bonnie fed them.

After a quiet afternoon Elizabeth made waffles for supper.  I had some split pea soup late afternoon so I passed on the waffles.  Bonnie went up and had some without me.  Then the other headed to Camp Hickory Hill to see some friends that were staying up there and had a nice campfire.

I am watching the Alabama Game on ABC looks like the Tide will win the season opener.  Looks like we have some rain moving in for the night and tomorrow,


So it rained most of the night, I did not hear it until I got up but Bonnie did,  Then in quit before we left for church but started again shortly after we got home.  This is supposed to be the remnants of the hurricane in Texas.  By early afternoon it had moved away.  After church Elizabeth and Alexus went to a birthday brunch for a friend.  Dana worked in the basement and Bonnie cooked most of the day getting ready for the Maynard reunion tomorrow up at her brother Brian’s campground.

Bonnie had bought two good T-bone steaks and I did them on the grill for a late lunch and she made stir fried snow peas.  The steak was delicious, even though I am not much of a beef eater.  Kaylee came for lunch also and I shared my steak with her.  Must have been good she needed a nap.

Dana came by later for a drink and some snacks.  He acquired some commercial gym equipment some time ago and was able to get some of it installed today.

Elizabeth made chicken Marcella over rice for supper and I went up for a plate of that, Bonnie was still full from lunch.

Well thats a wrap for this week, this time next week we should be on the way to Alabama.

Thanks For Checking In!