Labor Day


Labor Day and that means several things.  Its the end of summer here.  College starts here tomorrow for Alexus and the kids go back to school on Tuesday.  But the big event for us is the Maynard reunion.  We had a really good turnout, great food and great conversations.  Folks starting to show up.

A few more

The kids and dogs had a blast and many took walks through the fields and the woods.  Bonnie’s brother Brian owns this land now and does a great job of improving it and keeping it nice for family gatherings.  This is Bonnie’s Uncle Bob and his wife Maryann he is the oldest surviving brother of Bonnie’s Dad.

Elizabeth and Dana came also Alexus and Kaylee with Bailey.  No dog fights but they were kept apart most of the time.  Bailey did get a nice walk in the woods.  They all left early and were able to bury Stash the Cat that died last week.  I was sorry we were not there.  When we got home Kaylee and Bailey showed me the site and we sat and talked a while.

Later in the evening Kaylee came down and Bonnie showed her how to listen to a heart and how to take blood pressures.

She even practiced a little on us.  I was 120/80 at 90bpm.  A very nice day indeed.  Now we are awaiting a cold front with thunderstorms coming through.


Today Alexus started her Junior year of college at Medaille.  We did not do much today.  I did go out and checked the oil on the big CAT engine.  All was good.

I also saw some pictures of the fires in the Columbia river gorge, the devastation is terrible.  Also continue to monitor the fires in Montana and California.  They say over 1.4 million acres have been burned and it continues to burn.  We are also hearing from friends in Florida that are evacuating in front of the advancing Hurricane Irma.  She looks to be the biggest storm in history.  We have friends that are in Idaho in their smaller RV that plan to go to Texas and move their Class A coach out of the state and out of harms way before the storm hits.  Then we had a quiet evening with just a salad for supper.


Nice and sunny this morning.  Bonnie is planning to do the wash and the forecast is for rain this afternoon.  I continue to watch the hurricane and fires and check in on our friends that are involved and close to them.

It threatened rain all day but so far nothing.  Bonnie went and did the wash and got home just in time to make baked potatoes for supper stuffed with beans and beacon.  My project for tonight is to set up a Kindle for Dana’s Mom.  I got out my tire inflator to check the battery and tomorrow if the weather is good I will check tires and put the tire sensors back on the car.

Thats a wrap for the first part of this week.  Thanks For Checking In!