Final Preparations are Underway


I woke up to it raining this morning and it has rained off and on all day.  I still need to check tire pressures but the car was gone today.  Bonnie was at her sisters and then went shopping.  About as soon as she got home I left with Alexus to go pick up her repaired computer in Williamsville.  Once we got there we had them demonstrate that it was all working as designed and then she signed for it and we were ready to leave.  We were quite hungry as it was already after 6pm.  On the way in I had noticed Bill Gray’s they have very good hamburgers and The Worlds Greatest Cheeseburgers, just read the sign.

I must say it was very good.

and is Granddaughter smile approved.

We both enjoyed the burgers and Alexus even finished hers before me.  Then we headed home, but heard a frosty calling us from Wendy’s so we made a stop there for a small one.  Once again it rained most of the way home.

Good to be back at the coach its damp and cool out and the heat pump is doing a nice job of keeping us warm.  Hoping tomorrow is somewhat dryer.  Dana stopped in for a visit tonight and we had a nice chat with him.


More rain this morning then it seemed to quit around noon so my tire inflation crew and I got to work.

We added about 5 lbs of air in the coach tires to bring them up to 100psi.  Thats about 5 over what the inflation charts show but I like the safety margin and we still get a nice ride.  Of course the rain started again on the last couple of of coach tires.  Then we moved to the car and put 34psi in them and put the tire sensors on.  Checked it all on the monitor and it looks like we are good to go.  Its cooled off outside so the pressure is down a little.

Bonnie has started stowing things away and even baked an apple pie that was as good as the ones her mother used to make.  Then she took her sewing machine (Dana Carried it) up to the house to sew curtains and pillow cases for the girls.  I almost forgot to get a picture unlike her Mom’s it had a crumply top which everyone enjoyed.

Then Dana and I headed out to pump the tanks out one last time before we leave.  It takes us a good hour or more, when I can dump with the 3″ hose its about a 20 minute job including flushing.  Its still very damp out but tomorrow promises to be dryer.  We are still monitoring the hurricane and our friends, most of whom have moved out of the path of the storm thankfully.


This morning dawned clear and somewhat sunny but cool.  The tire pressures all looked good also.  Supposed to be in the high 40s tomorrow morning but no rain.  I also checked the coolant for the engine, took the cover off the tow bar, and put the adapters for towing on the front of the car.  Then I disconnected the flushing hose and rolled it up.  Then added 10 or so gallons of water to the fresh water tank.  I got my stainless steel quick links out of the old safety cables and put them in the new ones.  Leaving the cables in the shop in case Jessie can use them.  Later I will disconnect and stow the water hoses.  The alarm is set for 7am and I hope to be on the road by 9am.  All that should be left for morning is to put in the slides, run through the check list and disconnect the power.  Then we can back out of our spot, hook up the car, and say our see you laters.  Meanwhile Bonnie was busy packing things up and she made some rice crispy treats for the trip.

Oh Joe the carpenter was here this morning and put a second coat of compound on the new drywall.

Still keeping an eye on the storm and happy to hear more friends have moved to safety.  We are keeping an eye on the weather as it may send substantial rain across our path.  Late this afternoon I went over to the apartment and Elizabeth cut my hair.  She made me sit in the tub while she cut it.  Looks pretty good.  I unhooked, drained, and rolled up the hoses.  Before storing them.  Only hookup now is the power.

Then we all loaded up and headed to the Ebenezer Ale House for Alexus’s birthday dinner.  Its a very popular spot and we waited about an hour for a table for 8. We started out on the deck.

But it got chilly pretty fast and they would not light the gas fire pit.  So everyone gradually moved inside.  Then they finally got us seated.  The birthday girl.

The server was pretty good and it did not take too long for us to get our appetizers and food.  I had the Jamaican Jerk Pork Tenderloin sandwich and it was pretty good.  Then we headed home.  Elizabeth had found one of the painted rocks the other day and I posted to the Facebook group and then placed it at the Ale House for the next person to find.

Thats about it for now got to get to bed as the alarm is set for 7am.


When the alarm went off at 7am this morning I did not know what was going on, I was sleeping like a rock.  But I soon was awake and up.  I started the coffee, checked email and weather.  Had my cereal and pills finished about the time Dana showed up.  We chatted a little and then I fired up the Coach and he started the backhoe and moved it.  We air up the coach and put the slides in.  Then he took Bonnie down to the farmers market to say good by to Donna and brought her back.  We backed out on to the street and got hooked up and checked the lights.  Everyone came down to say good-bye which was really nice and something special for us.  We had been in Holland for 92 nights.  Time to check the lights and make sure the tow bar locked.

All was good and so we said our last good byes and Elizabeth prayed for a safe journey for us.  Kaylee even joined us via FaceTime.

There were some tears shed and then we were all loaded up and ready to pull out.  A quick toot of the airhorn (which Dana was not expecting) and we pulled out.

A few seconds later Bonnie asked about the refrigerator and thats when I realized we did run our check lists before departing.  We pulled over after getting on Route 16 and went through it.  We had a drawer or two to lock and the sliding doors otherwise we were in good shape.  Traffic was a little heavy with Bills fans heading to the stadium to tail gate but once on the Thruway we had smooth sailing and made good time.  We covered 317 miles today and made three stops to stretch and use the facilities.  I also checked the car when we stopped.

We pulled off near Marengo, OH.  Our campground is here and we also ruled up at the Pilot.  Diesel was $2.819 the most we have paid since October of 2014, I think it may go a little higher for a while.

The office was closed but I had our site number so we pulled in and set up.  Then we watched the news about Irma, wow. I am glad most of our friends have left that area.  We will watch the weather for the areas we are headed to to make sure we stay clear of any bad weather.  Tomorrow we plan to visit family in the area.  We were supposed to visit on the way up to NY before the car came loose and hit the back of the coach and we detoured to Elkhart.

Thats a wrap for this week, Thanks For Checking In.