Let Irma Pass


Today is the anniversary of the 9/11/2001 attacks on America, I shall never forget.

After a good nights sleep I woke up around 9 this morning.  After some coffee and cereal I checked the weather for the next couple of days.  Looks like rain here tomorrow and along our planned route for the next couple of days.  So I made the decision to check and see if we could stay here until Thursday morning.  Since the office was closed at 2pm yesterday I headed over to the office and checked in.  Sure enough we can stay an extra 2 days no problem. They have 500 campsites here and most are empty now.  However this is a huge shooting range with 52 trap houses, skeet fields and two sporting clay courses.  It is the home of the Ohio Trapshooting Association.  There is a big shoot coming up next weekend but we should be gone.  So we are here until Thursday morning.  That should give time for most of the rain to clear out from Hurricane Irma.  We are still waiting to hear from some friends down in Florida.

Around 2 this afternoon we headed over to Alum Creek State Park.  My second cousins are Camp Hosts there.  They are also full timers and are converting a school bus. Andrew and Heidi aka the Blue Bus people www.thebluebuspeople.com

We also met my cousin Bobbie and Warren her husband there.  Heidi is their daughter.

We had a great afternoon of catching up and talking about family.  We also enjoyed getting to know their dogs.  Bailey has endless energy and kept Bonnie busy throwing a stick and a Frisbee.  Andrew had to work and after he got home we all headed to Cracker Barrel for supper and more talk about RVing and family.  Then we headed home to the coach.  I think we are going to do some more visiting tomorrow.  Starting to hear from friends in Florida and so far no major damage.


We took it easy this morning and both of us enjoyed nice long showers.  Then this afternoon we headed down to Dublin to my cousins house.  She had invited her children and families over for supper with us and everyone showed up including another one of my cousins daughters.  So it was great to get to see everyone and meet 4 of my First Cousins Twice Removed.  We had a great meal and I enjoyed the time getting to know the spouses that I have only met once or twice before and never got to talk to them.  The time flew by, I forgot to take any pictures and it was almost 11 when we headed back to the coach.  Now its time to get some rest.


Clouds and Sun this morning.  We plan to just rest up today in preparation for driving tomorrow down to just South of Louisville which will put us in Kentucky.  I set up routes today for tomorrow on the GPS units and iPad.  Also checked the tire pressures.  I planned to dump the tanks just before dark but then the rains started.  So we will have to dump in the morning.  I left for a while and found a post office to mail a letter for Bonnie.  Then I filled the CRV up and headed back to the coach.  Bonnie vacuumed and cleaned up some.  Then she make pork steaks for supper and we had Cole slaw and beans to go with it.  I also made reservations for Saturday when we get to Athens, AL and start to house hunt.

We were hoping to have The Blue Bus People visit us but their work, and a meeting  got in the way.  Its still raining but it looks like it should clear out overnight.

So that’s it for the start of this week.  Thanks For Checking In!