Big Al


So who is Big Al.  He is the Elephant Mascot of the University of Alabama.  Since we will soon be in Alabama we are becoming fans.  Plus I like Nick Saban.

Today we were on the road again at 9am.  The roads were just wet enough and there was just enough rain to make the coach a mess.  All of Alexus’s and my hard work at cleaning it was erased today.  Oh well such is life.

We passed through 3 cities today.  Columbus, Cincinnati, and Louisville.  The drivers seem to get very intense near and in the cities.  We took the by pass around Columbus and Cincinnati.  We were after rush hour but Google was showing a 30 minute delay in Columbus from an accident.  Thankfully by the time we got there traffic was again going the normal speed.  Other than a five minute slow down for some construction traffic moved right along the rest of the day.  We arrived in Shepherdsville, KY around 2:30 with still over a half of tank of fuel so we went right to the campground.  The office does not open until 4 and Tim told me yesterday to just take any open site.

We got all set up and I walked up after four to register.  I paid for two nights and got the bathroom codes and the WiFi password.  Of course we are using our hot spots now as the WiFi is so very slow.  I did get a nice surprise from Verizon we now have 15G of hot spot data each month on each device, so that adds 15G to our 30G for a total of 45G.  So we are here for two nights and may play tourist tomorrow.  Then one more day of driving Saturday and we should be in Alabama.


We decided to play tourist today and so we drove down to Elizabethtown and then over to Hodgenville.  This is the home of Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace and is a National Historic Park.  This was the Sinking Spring Farm when Honest Abe was born here.  This is a statue of his parents, Sarah his sister and him as a baby.

They lived here on the farm for the first couple of years of Lincoln’s life, then moved to a 30 acre farm at Knob Creek, until he was about 8 years old.  Eventually they settled in Illinois.  We watched the 15 minute orientation film and then I took the boardwalk up the hill to the first Lincoln memorial.

A nice stroll through the woods although it was in the 80’s and humid.  Bonnie was not feeling well and opted to stay at the visitors center.  I reached the building in about 10 minutes.

There is another way to get up here and that is up the 56 steps (one for every year of his life).  However there is construction between the visitors center and the steps.  Here is a view down the steps.

Finally I entered the memorial and found the “symbolic” cabin.

The ranger told me this is not the cabin Lincoln was born in, it is one that was used by several different families on the farm, but is similar to the one he was born in.  I did not spent much time here and headed back to the visitors center.  Bonnie was sitting out front.  Still not feeling well so we loaded up in the car and headed back to the coach.


Today should be the last day of travel before we get to Huntsville and begin house hunting again.  We were up at 7 and were pulling out of the campground right at 9am.  Traffic was a little heavy around Nashville but otherwise we had a good trip with no delays.  We did stop at a Pilot in Tennessee and topped off the tanks and Bonnie picked up a couple sandwiches.  We pulled into the North Gate RV Travel park at 1pm.

After getting set up and relaxing a little we headed over to our sons house to watch the Alabama football game.  Then late in the third quarter it seemed they had the game in hand plus we were all hungry so we headed down to the local KFC.  From there we headed back to the coach making one quick stop for milk and bread.


Woke up this morning to the sounds of rain.  We ended up missing church this morning, hope to get back on track next week.  We also had an appointment with Stacy our Realtor to see a house that we have been watching on line for a few weeks.  We call it the lake house.

So we got underway and met her and toured the house.  It did not have a lot of wow factor for me but I guess it is a good solid house.  The wow factor is the view of the Lake (aka pond).  We will probably look at more houses tomorrow and maybe the Lake house again.  Then we went over to my son’s for a few hours.  There was also an open house at the Lake house today so Bonnie and Ashley went back over and looked at it again.  Then we decided to go get some dinner.

We headed to the Old Greenbrier in Madison.  They are known for their BBQ and Catfish.  Bonnie had BBQ, Reagan had a hamburger, and the rest of us had catfish or shrimp.  This was the first place we ate when we flew into town to visit Robby.  Dinner was good and we all left with our bellies full of Hush Puppies and a big glass of ice tea.

The girls seemed to enjoy their dinners.

Well thats a wrap for this week, more house hunting next week.  Thanks for Checking In.


  1. Bob, great to read your blog once again. I texted you in reguards to Elizabeth wedding but continue to find that it never gets to you. Hope this will change on this one.

  2. Bob we should of planned better. We are
    Outside of cinn since Sunday and was in Dayton last week with kiddos who live here. Have fun house hunting. Hello to all there Shirley

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