House Hunting


We had planned to look at several houses today but it just did not work out.  But we should be on for tomorrow.  One house we want to look at now they are not sure they want to sell right now.  So we ended up staying home.  I was able to get our RXs ordered and they are ready for pick up.  We had left overs for lunch and just snacked for supper.  Then we watched the start of DWTS for this year.  Hopefully more to report on tomorrow.


Well we went looking at houses today.  We looked at 4 one is a possibility.  The other three did not appeal to us.  This is the view of the living room from the second floor bridge of the one.

So we will keep on looking there is just not a lot of listings at the moment in the area we are interested in.  Then we went over to our son’s and Bonnie cooked up some supper.  I upgraded my phone and iPad to the new IOS 11 that came out today and so far it is working well.

We headed home before 7 and stopped at CVS to pick up our RXs and decided while we were there to get our Senior High Dose Flu shots.

We only had to wait a few minutes and the Pharmacist came out and gave us each a shot.  I have never like shots but Bonnie being the nurse said she did an excellent job.  Then we headed home for the night.  Tomorrow we may revisit the two houses that are possibilities.


No ill effects from the flu shot as of this morning.  Last night we had planned to revisit two of the houses today but decided this morning to wait another day or two.  So Bonnie baked a cake and peeled potatoes.  We talked to our realtor a time or two and are discussing some other places in the sub-division.  Then we loaded up the car and headed over to Robby’s.  Bonnie took pork steak and Robby grilled it and we had potatoes and corn.  Then the pineapple cake Bonnie made.  Then Gracie headed off to Church and Harrison soon followed.  Reagan stayed home to play outside.

We headed home early and watched the finale of Big Brother and I caught the end of Americas Got Talent.  Then I got a text from GD Kaylee who wanted some computer help.  So a few minutes later she facetimed us and we got her all set up with a Google Drive account so she can back up all of her pictures.  Thats it for the beginning of this week.  Thanks For Checking In.  Time for some shut eye.