Still Looking


We are in a holding pattern right now as we still just have the two possible houses.  So not much happened today.  We headed over to Robby’s around 2 again and got there just as Reagan got off the bus.  Bonnie was making goulash for supper and Robby was looking forward to it since he had not had it since he left home.  Its one of my favorites also.

I went with Ashley and Gracie to watch her riding lesson.  She has come a long way since the last time I watched her.

Ashley left and went to pick up Reagan for her lesson, but Robby brought her back.  So we watched her also and she is doing really good.

Then we headed to the house and Bonnie’s goulash was every bit as good as we were hoping, Robby said it was better than he remembered and he really liked it growing up.  The we headed back to the coach around 8pm.


Friday the end of our first week here.  We decided to go over and look at what we call the Lake house again.  Robby and Ashley met us over there also and helped with looking it over real good.  We actually spent a couple hours there.  The AC was not working again so it was hot in the house, we put that item on our list.  Right now the asking price of the house is way over what we both agree we would pay for it.  So we will be working on that and allowing money in the offer to fix the things we think need fixed.

Then we headed over to the kids house and Ashley cooked supper.  We had fish, asparagus and rice.  It was good and everyone except Reagan ate their fill.  Reagan had goulash again and has decided she really likes it.  Then they all got ready to head to the Sparkman football game.

Meanwhile the President flew into town for a political speech.

We finished our supper and then headed home.  It gets dark early here.  Its been in the high 80s everyday and low 70s at night.  The AC in the coach is doing a good job but has been on for the whole week.  Mean while back in NY the new bathroom is coming along nicely.

Thats about it for tonight.


Another humid and hot day here, but it looks like most of the country is unusually hot.  We worked with our Realtor today and decided to submit an offer on what we call the lake house.  We offered what we felt the house was worth with the repairs and painting that it needed.  It is much lower than what the owners have it listed for so we shall see what happens.

I spent the whole afternoon submitting our mortgage application to get pre approved.  I had all the information but the online app. kept hanging up.  The only option to save was a save and exit.  So after several tries I was able to submit the application.  A couple hours later we heard that we had been approved.  So now we wait.

I did watch the Alabama game while I was doing that.  They had a pretty easy time beating Vanderbilt.  My keyboard likes to type a double bb most of the time and research shows it is a know problem so I may be making a trip to the Apple Store.


I was able to catch the livestream from Crossroads in NY today and was glad I did.  The group that just returned from Israel shared their experiences and it was really interesting.  Hot again today with cooler weather promised for the end of the week.  We stayed home today except Bonnie went out for a while to do a little shopping as we were out of milk.  Robby worked 12 hours yesterday and today and looks like he will all next week.

No word back on our offer for the Lake house yet.  I guess no news at least means they are thinking about it.  I did learn that the husband recently passed away so it will be interesting to see how all this works itself out.  It thats the house that is meant for us it will.

Well nothing else to report, I was busy today getting the forms and statements ready that the mortgage company wants.

Thats a wrap for this week.  Thanks for Checking In.





  1. Glad you two are doing well. Are you about ready to call it quits with the rv ? The wedding looked great. Hugs and prayers!!!

    1. Ann we are going to settle down here near Huntsville and the grandkids

  2. We didn’t get the first place we thought we wanted in Jonesborough, TN. Thank God we didn’t as we ended ended up with so much more and very minimal compromise. Trust Him.

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