Offer Rejected


This morning we heard rom our agent that our offer had been not accepted and the sellers declined to make a counter-offer.  We believe they have little equity and houses are not worth what people have paid for them.  So our search will continue.  I believe we both were making a lot of compromises for that house.  We have a Plan B and if that does not work a Plan C.  We have the coach to live in now and if it gets too cold here we will crank up the Big CAT engine and head further South for the winter.

Robby and Ashley were both working and we headed over to their house to meet Reagan when she got off the bus.  We even drove past a couple more houses in the neighborhood.  We were still at the house in plenty of time to meet her.  She played until Bonnie made supper at 5:00pm.  We had BBQ and potato salad.  The BBQ was from a local place and was pretty good.  Robby got home and ate and then walked into his bedroom.  Oh no the carpet was wet.  In the same spot as from the previous leak.  They moved all the stuff out of the bedroom and called the plumber and the water mitigation people.  The plumber was there in less than an hour and an hour later had the wall cut open.

And the leak fixed.

Once again the leak happened where the PEX was bent to go through the stud.  The plumber added elbows to take the bends out of the pipe.  We headed home but the water mitigation folks showed up a little while later and set up fans and started the drying out process.  We will head over tomorrow to meet them when they come back to check.


Worked on Plan B today.  Asked a lot of questions and the realtor is providing answers.  We headed over to the kids house again in time to meet Reagan when she got home.  Ashley had a teachers conference to go to and Robby was still at work. Bonnie was making stuffed baked potatoes for supper and while they baked she worked with Reagan on her homework.  After supper we hung around for a little bit and then headed home.  It is cooling off faster in the evenings but it is still very humid so the AC stays on all night.  Plan C is also coming along and maybe tomorrow we can start on it.

Saw this posted today.  A bad day for these folks


Headed over to the kids house earlier today to meet the estimator to look at the repairs that needed to be done from the water leak.  He was right on time but did not take long as he had been here for the other two leaks.  Then the water mitigation people came to check if the wall and seal plate was dry.  Nope down to 26% maybe tomorrow.  The kids got home from school and once Grace got home I took them both to Mathnasium where they get help with their math knowledge.  I found some shade there and it was not too bad in the car.  Then we headed to church to drop Grace off for her Wednesday night activities.  Reagan and I headed home.  Bonnie was making Tuna Casserole and Brownies so I did not want to miss that.  Robby and Ashley are woking late trying to get ahead since they have a trip planed for next week.

On the house front, we are still waiting the answers to some questions.  Plus there are a couple more houses coming on the market in the next few weeks.

Supper was very good and I enjoyed it.  The brownies were super good.

Thats it for the start of this week.  Thanks For Checking In!