October 2017

And the beat goes on

THURSDAY Or in our case the process goes on, the mortgage process.  I did receive the inspection report late last night so today I spent most of the day going […]

MONDAY Lots of rain overnight.  Forecast was for up to 3 inches but I do not think we got that much, local weather stations said just less than 2 inches. […]

Grand Parents Lunch Day

THURSDAY Today was Grand Parents lunch and book fair at Reagan’s school.  Look at the time they eat early.  So we arrived on time and had a nice time at […]

Getting Cold at Night

MONDAY Wow down into the 40s last night and there is more on the way this week.  It was nice and sunny today but never got out of the 60s. […]

Beautiful Weather

THURSDAY Beautiful cool night for sleeping and we also had a beautiful day.  No fans or AC needed.  Bonnie slept in and I even did a load of wash and […]

Columbus Day

MONDAY Back to the dry, hot but humid weather.  Bonnie did some wash today and I dumped the tanks.  Then we headed for the kids house.  We had pork chops, […]


THURSDAY Pretty much a do nothing day for me.  I did catch up on more videos and looked at more house information online.  I did get good news that the […]

Back to House Hunting

MONDAY Nothing to report on today on the house hunting front.  Cloudy a few showers and cool temperatures here again today.  My sons family moved from Disney to a cruise […]

THURDAY It looks like the hot weather is finally breaking.  Early this afternoon we headed over to the Credit Union and opened up our account.  Now we can write some […]