Cooler Weather


It looks like the hot weather is finally breaking.  Early this afternoon we headed over to the Credit Union and opened up our account.  Now we can write some local checks.  Then to the house to met Reagan when she gets off the bus.  The kids start their fall break and they are going to hit Disney and a free cruise to the Bahamas.  Bonnie is staying at the house and I will go back and forth to the coach.  I headed to the coach just after dark and it is much cooler and almost comfortable out.  The forecast is for much cooler weather for the next week so that will be nice.  The kids and family are on their way to Disney.


The cooler weather arrived and I was able to have the windows open here all day.  In fact I stayed here at the coach all day.  The kids made it to Disney and had a good time at the park.  Nothing new on the house front.  I enjoyed a quiet day at home.  I did clean the AC filters and caught up on some videos.


Great cool night for sleeping, even had the mattress pad on some which makes my hips feel good.  Another pretty easy day.  I did go out and dump the tanks and noticed last nights almost full cg was now almost empty.  This place is mainly an overnight stop for folks headed north or south.  I also cleaned the cars windshield.  Then I walked up to the office to see Helen and pay for this next coming week.  I made a little supper and talked to Bonnie to see if she needed anything.

Trying to watch the Clemson/Viginia Tech game but the crowd is so loud I can not hear the announcers.  A little crowd noise it nice, wonder who is mixing their sound.  Well its about time for the Alabama game to kick off so I will keep this short.


Still nice and cool.  I was up this morning and caught a live stream service from Crossroads again.  We are looking forward to finding a church once we buy a house here.  Bonnie wanted Bojangles chicken and biscuits for lunch so I picked some up and then headed to the kids house.  We had some chicken and then spent the afternoon watching the Nascar race.  Then I headed back to the coach just before dark.  I stopped and filled up with some fuel at $2.37 and also picked up a gallon of milk.  The park was pretty full again when I got back.

I think this is the first time I have had no pictures for the blog.  I just got a text from the realtor that we can’t look at the house until Tuesday or Wednesday.  So we wait.  Had a nice FaceTime chat with my daughter and husband and then heard from my son.  They board the ship for their first cruise tomorrow.

So thats wrap for this week.  Thanks For Checking in!











  1. Sometimes boring us just plain relaxing.

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