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Nothing to report on today on the house hunting front.  Cloudy a few showers and cool temperatures here again today.  My sons family moved from Disney to a cruise to the Bahamas today.  Still hoping to see some houses this week.  I did make an appointment at the Apple store Genius Bar tomorrow to look at my keyboard since it is still typing double b’s.


Bright sunny day today.  I had a 3:45 appointment at the Genius Bar today so headed over to Bridge street found a spot to park and arrived a few minutes early and got checked in.  Right on time David one of the managers introduced himself and asked me to grab a seat at the Bar.  We talked about my problem with the double b and he hooked my Mac to the network and ran a bunch of diagnostics again.  Then the bad news, it has to be sent in to get the keyboard replaced and maybe the logic board.  David told me it could be back in three days.  The repair depot is in Memphis, right where the FedEx hub is.  So hopefully it will be a quick repair and return.  So I am writing this on my iPad.

I called Bonnie as I received a text from her earlier to bring food for supper.  She wanted a burger and fries.  So I headed for Wendy’s.  Boy is traffic heavy and crazy.  Finally made it and they “just”closed for remodeling.  Now what, let’s see she mentioned Jack’s.  Checking Google one is close by.  So I crossed over the road and picked up supper.  Back in the mad rush hour and finally made it to the house.  The burgers and fries were good and we chatted for a while and watched the news.

Tomorrow we have an appointment to look at the house up the street.  I did some research on it today and think it is smaller than Zillow had listed, a typo I believe.

The soy bean fields are turning yellow and the cotton fields are showing a lot of white, almost harvest time.  A lot of the corn has already been harvested.  Made it back to the coach right at dark, lots of new neighbors for the night.


Well I got a picture imported but as you can see it is not where I wanted it.

I am still on the iPad so hope I can get this to post.  We finally got to look at the house up the street from the kids.  It is a very nice house but the rooms really felt small.  I liked the smallish yard but it was two levels.  From there we went over to look at another house on the lake.  Our realtor saw a moving truck there and is tryin to contact the owners to see if they plan to sell it.  It is also close to a house that is to come on the market next week.

Bonnie wanted to do some grocery shopping so we headed to the nearby Walmart neighborhood market.  Then back to the house for some supper.  Then we watched the news before I headed back to the coach and a new crop of overnight neighbors.  Sundown just as I got home.

That’s it for the Wednesday update Thanks For Checking In!