Pretty much a do nothing day for me.  I did catch up on more videos and looked at more house information online.  I did get good news that the repairs were done on my MacBook and it was shipped back to the store.  Hopefully I will get it back tomorrow.


The CG was pretty full again last night.  The kids next door woke me this morning while they were out playing.  Just normal kid stuff, so I went ahead and got up.  About the time I finished breakfast they hooked up and pulled out.

The kids are off their cruise ship and headed home they plan to be here tonight.  We talked for quite awhile about their experiences and it sounds like they may not be falling in love with the cruise lifestyle.

FedEx let me know that my MacBook was back at the store.  I called to see when I could pick it up and was told they will call as soon as it’s ready.

I headed over to the kids house Bonnie made stuffed chicken breasts, mashed potatoes and peas. It was delicious.  But the kids did not get home until 9:00 so we ate alone.  We stayed and visited for a while and then headed home.

Apple never did call and I finally called them again.  They said they were testing it and it would probably be ready tomorrow.  I hope so.


Well its noon and still no call from the Apple Store.

Finally just after 1pm they called and said that my computer was repaired, tested and ready to pickup.  I talked to Bonnie and we decided to head over that way around 3pm and then on to the kids house for supper and to watch the Alabama game.  The cotton fields are all turning white, ready for harvest.


We were in and out of the Apple store quickly but it was packed with people and lots of noise.  We were both glad it went quickly.  My computer is under warranty so there was no charge.  So far no more double b’s.  This keyboard also feels different and I like it better.

We got a text from Stacy about another house that may be coming on the market soon.  Then Bonnie and Ashley made spaghetti and garlic toast.  Then we played a card game called Too Many Monkeys.

Our very own Monkey

Time now for the Alabama / Texas A&M Game.  Alabama won again, this is getting to be fun.

We are to get a lot of rain and wind tonight from Hurricane NATE, it made landfall and we are getting some rain already.


It had started to rain last night and it is still raining this afternoon while we watch the NASCAR race from Charlotte.  We will head over to the kids once the race is over.  I don’t believe the wind ever got over 20mph so that was good and so far no real heavy rain here from the hurricane.

I watched the service from BC Huntsville this morning.  I will be glad when we get settled and find our new church.

Thats a Wrap for this week.  Thanks For Checking In.