Beautiful Weather


Beautiful cool night for sleeping and we also had a beautiful day.  No fans or AC needed.  Bonnie slept in and I even did a load of wash and then closed the grey tank.  We watched  some new neighbors pull in and set up through the afternoon.

The plan is to meet my son and family up in Ardmore at a place called Mildred’s.  You can order off a menu there but they are known for their buffet, dinner was only $9.00.  So we headed up there and met our family and had a really good meal.  I forgot to take pictures.  There was fried chicken, cat fish, BBQ, a dish that tasted like stuffed green peppers, corn on the cob, green beans and on and on.  The peach cobbler for dessert was also very good.  So thats another day in the books.  No new houses on the market yet.  I have always been drawn to the Lavender Sky house but am being patient.


Another beautiful day.  Bonnie did a load of wash, towels this time.  Then decided to go get bread at the local store.  She came back $129 later and with lots of bags.  Elizabeth called about that time and we talked to her for a long time, then Robby called and wanted us to come over.  Bonnie had called Stacy our real estate agent and told her she wanted to see the Lavender Sky house again.  So on the way to the kids house Stacy called and said we could look at the house at 4:30.  So we got to the house and put the lasagna in the oven and then headed to the house on Lavender Sky.  Bonnie imagined her furniture in the rooms and I looked at the mechanicals and electric.  Then we discussed what we wanted to offer and headed back to Robby’s for supper.

Stacy went to work and dug up the comps and sent them to me.  I can relate to folks here since over several of our moves we were in the same boat.  They paid more for their houses 10 years ago than what they are worth now.  So tomorrow we will make an offer and see if they can afford to sell the house for what it is worth.  Same problem as we had with our offer at the house on the Lake.  But I really don’t want to pay too much for a house as we have had that happen before also.  Stay tuned.  At least we have our coach to stay in and we know it is a depreciating asset.


Spent most of the day working on an offer for the Lavender Sky house.  So we put an offer in and headed over to the kids house to watch football. Robby made pork tenderloin for supper on the grill.  Then it was good to see Alabama win again.

During the game we heard back from Stacy.  The sellers countered our offer and basically came down a tiny bit.  We will sleep on it and do something tomorrow.  We don’t want to overpay for a house.

Then we headed home.


Woke up to a wet floor in the bathroom this morning.  So been working on getting it dried out.  We did get to watch the Livestream from Crossroads today, a very good message.

I think I found the leak, the toilet fill valve.  But its only a drip.  So I went on Amazon and ordered one, should be here on Tuesday.  (It shipped a couple hours later). I used some small microfiber towels to soak up the water.  The only leaks a drop or two when you flush so I am not sure its the problem.

Got fans and AC going so heading over to the kids to watch the race.  Lots of wrecks and the race ran long.  Robby ordered pizza for supper.  Ashley was working and on call so we never got to see her today.

On the house front.  We put in an offer this afternoon and within a couple hours they countered again.  We are getting close.  Tomorrow we may put in our final offer and see what they do.  This is the first time we have had to play the game with offers and counter-offers.  Jury is still out on whether or not I like it.

We brought back Robbys carpet cleaner to see if we could suck any water out of the carpet where it ran under the wall.  We also removed a couple drawers to dry under them.

My suspicions were right, another puddle of water in the bathroom.  I thought about the plastic ice maker water line this morning but I had looked at it 3 days ago since it is a common point of failure.  Well I went out in the dark open the refrigerator access and sure enough the line had a pin hole leak.  So Bonnie came out to help and I opened the basement doors and moved the slide out tray and the access cover and shut off the ice maker valve, the leak stopped.  Closed up everything outside and went in to use the carpet cleaner to soak up water.  Its now 10:30 and I just have settled down to write the blog.  We got most of the water soaked or vacuumed up and it is drying with the fans blowing on it.

The water ran along the edge of the floor and wall so not too much is wet.  Hopefully the fans will dry it in a day or too.  We had a cold front go through so it is cooler now tonight and the humidity is much lower, so it should be good sleeping tonight.

Well thats wrap for this week.  A busy day with lots going on but tonight all is under control.  Thanks For Checking In.  Please keep our search for a house in your prayers.



  1. There are 3 houses for sale on our street. And we’re due for a lot of snow! You know you miss that!

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