Getting Cold at Night


Wow down into the 40s last night and there is more on the way this week.  It was nice and sunny today but never got out of the 60s.  The fans pretty much did their job over night and the floor is nice and dry again in the bathroom.  I did go out this morning to look at how to replace the water line.  This is were it has a pin hole leak and sprays out water.

So there are two ways to fix this.  The first and preferred way is to run a new 1/4″ plastic or nylon line.  The second is to cut out the leak and put in whats called a union.  Today you can get ones that you just push the tubing into, one brand is called shark bites and Watts makes plastic ones.  So on my last coach the replacement was an easy job as the tubing went straight down to the water area.  This goes down, then back through a void behind a drawer and then down.  So my son is coming over Wednesday to help me try to fish in a new line which I already have.

Since I was out there I dumped the tanks.

Since I am hooked up its about an eight minute job and that includes flushing the tanks for a couple minutes.  When we were up in NY and having to use the macerator it took us over an hour to hook up dump both tanks and then unhook.  But it worked and was certainly worth it.

Then while I was out I took the TPMS sensors off the car to save the batteries.  Another easy 10 minute job.  Remove the sensors

And put on the valve stem cap.

On the house negotiations.  We did not make a counter offer today.  Our agent talked to the other one and asked her to talk to her client and see where they are and what they really want.  So we are willing to wait a bit to see it we are close to having a deal.  Thats about it for today, we have had the heat pump in the back on all evening, we will be using the electric mattress pad again tonight it felt so good last night.


Bonnie helped me take out the big drawer under the washer and dryer today.  Once that was removed we can see the water line.  I thought I found why I could not get it to move as it is in clip under the drawer.

So I removed that and I can move it where it goes down into the water pump bay but not where it goes up to the refrigerator.  It goes into a square hole and my concern is that they put another clip in there as the coach was being built or tied it to a wire bundle.

So Robby is bringing a inspection camera tomorrow so that we can look in there and see whats going on.  Just in case I went to Lowes and picked up a shark bite union so we can cut out the bad piece and splice it together.  I also picked up some spray cleaner and solution to use in the carpet cleaner.  No update on the house we are waiting to hear from them.


Nice and sunny again this morning but temps were down into the 40s again overnight.  The sun pretty much warms us up during the day and the heat pump was off since we went to bed last night.  My son was to come over and help me run a new water line after work but he took a sick day from work today so we will try to do it tomorrow.  We also have lunch at school with our GD Reagan tomorrow.  Years ago we also did this with Grace.

I did a little more investigating on the route of the water line.  It disappears into a square hole in the back of a drawer compartment.  Picture is not to good.

I thought of just drilling a hole up higher and straight into the refrigerator compartment.  But its a double wall with because of the pocket door.  So I tried to get more picture into the square hole to see why the line will not move.  Sure enough when they were building the coach someone put a clip in there.

No way to look directly in at the clip or get a screwdriver in there if I could see the screw head.  Hopefully with Robbys inspection camera we can see more.  I think we can fish the new line in anyway maybe along side the old propane line.  So thats on the schedule for tomorrow afternoon.

Then we spent a couple hours this afternoon working on a counter-offer for the house again  So we are making what we are calling our last offer.  So thats it for the start of this week.

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  1. Getting ready to “snow-bird” for the first time. Leave home on the 28th of the month. Headingto SD first and then to TX.

    1. Good for you, do you have a destination picked out there. We liked Texas and the Rio Grande Valley loves Snowbirds. A lot of the RV parks have
      weekly rides you can join in.

  2. Glad you’re moving along with the house hunt…
    We are finally back in NM, and settling in, we got back
    Almost a month ago, but have been traveling and have had company since our return!
    We have been hiking and enjoying the cooler weather…

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