Grand Parents Lunch Day


Today was Grand Parents lunch and book fair at Reagan’s school.  Look at the time they eat early.  So we arrived on time and had a nice time at lunch.  The kids are all very well behaved even in the halls walking to and from lunch.

After eating we headed over to the book fair and Bonnie picked out a couple of books for the girls.  Of course with Reagan’s help.

This one might be a keeper.

Bonnie walked her back to class and then we headed to Kroger’s to pick up some groceries.  While we were there I finally got notice that the toilet valve that was to be delivered on Tuesday was delivered today.  So we swung by the house and picked it up.  My son was coming straight from work today to help me at least run the new water line for the ice maker.  Before he got here I was able to get the valve changed on the toilet and get the bathroom put back together.

He was a little late leaving work but arrived and brought an inspection camera with him.  We could sneak it into the tight spaces behind the walls and see where the line was, it even had a hook on it to grab the line.  It was not easy but we were able to get it all done and working leak free.  Hard to reach to the back of the cabinet.

Taking a break, notice the line is there in front of him.

I changed the inline filter for the ice maker and flushed it out.  Now we can make more ice for Bonnie.  Once we cooled down we headed to the kids house for supper.  Ashley had made chili and toasted cheese sandwiches.  Everything was really good and we brought some home for lunch tomorrow.

On the house front we are still waiting to hear.


Ashley picked up Bonnie this morning and they headed for Tennessee to visit a couple furniture stores.  Bonnie took lots of pictures of furniture that she was interested in.  I stayed home and relaxed a little.  I did go up and lube the steps and then put the rest of the tools away that I used the past couple of days.  Once Robby was home I headed over to his house for the evening.  Robby ran the girls to the horse stables for a clinic and then Ashley’s mom came for the weekend from Mississippi.  Not only that but she cooked supper for us all.  Fried breaded pork chops and cornbread and beans.  It was very good and I enjoyed it.  Bonnie came back with lots of ideas and Ashley has a bunch also.

Robby used his weed burner and got a nice fire going.

After supper everyone enjoyed making SMORES.  Then the girls all looked online at more furniture.

I guess I should mention that our last offer on the house was accepted so once all the signatures are gathered we should have a contract to buy a house.  Hopefully we can close in the next 30 days.  I already have sent in a bunch of documentation for the loan and next week will be busy lining up insurance and inspections.  We are excited to get this new phase of our lives going.


We were out the door and headed North just after noon today.  We were on our way to Elkmont, AL to a place called Belle Chèvre which is a small creamery that specializes in Goat Milk cheese.

We were meeting the rest of the family there and once everyone was there we headed outside to get a group selfie.

Then it was time for the tour.  Dennis our guide explained the history and told us all about the goats and the process.

Then it was time to head outside to meet the goats.  One quick picture on the way out.

The creamery is housed in an old Quonset hut that used to store cotton during the war.  The railroad bed runs right next to it and is now part of the rails to trails system.

Our side they have a few show goat and the kids had a good time meeting them.  This is a pretty small operation but it is very interesting,  The cheese curds are actually shipped here from a farm in North Carolina where they have 900 goats.  Jan the mama goat.

Reagan with a ring side seat.

Ashley and Grace keeping an eye on everything.

Then we headed inside to watch the packaging process which is pretty much all done by hand.

Then the best part we headed up for the tasting.  I thought all the different flavors were very good and there must have been 10 or more that we tasted.  We had used a Groupon coupon and each got a free tub of cheese spread, yum.

We headed home then to watch Alabama beat Tennessee and then had sloppy joes for supper.  We headed home after that after a very enjoyable day.

We had one last stop to make.  We have a signed contract on the house and we needed to drop the earnest check off at the realtors house who also lives here in the neighborhood.  So let the fun begin.  Now we need inspections and lots of paperwork to get the financing all in order.  Hopefully in a month we will be in our new to us house.


Windy this morning and a bit overcast they say a front with a lot of rain will be here later today.  I was up in time to watch the livestream from Crossroads and again another very good sermon.  Later we are to head South about an hour and meet everyone at the 4D Farm a pumpkin patch and corn maze.  Just about the time we were to leave Bonnie was not feeling very good.  She thought about going anyway but in the end we ended up staying home.  Which was for the best.  Both for her and us.

We got a ton of forms to review on line and sign electronically for the the house and mortgage.  So I read them and we signed them and returned them.  Thirty days is a quick closing and I guess everyone wants to get a jump on tomorrow.  We also selected a home inspector and have an appointment for Wednesday.  So the ball is rolling.  Tomorrow we have a couple decisions to make and maybe even lock in the loan rate.

Bonnie started feeling a little better late afternoon and even fried up some hamburgers for supper, they were delicious.

Well thats a wrap for this week.  Thanks For Checking In.