Let the Fun Begin


Lots of rain overnight.  Forecast was for up to 3 inches but I do not think we got that much, local weather stations said just less than 2 inches.  Most of it had stoped by the time we got up just a heavy mist.  We locked in our interest rate for the mortgage today as the trend has been rising interest rates.  Our loan officer said she had all the forms and copies of financial statements that she needed.  So hopefully all will go smoothly now.

Robby was on a field trip with Reagan today to a cave in a state park.  They were back early afternoon.  Bonnie did another load of wash and made her famous cheese dip.  Then we headed over to the house.  Bonnie and Robby made hot dogs with cheese rolled in crescent rolls.  Both were a hit with the kids and they like Bonnie’s version better than Robby’s. but they were both good.  We headed home shortly after supper as the kids all had homework to do.  Ashley was working and pulled in just as we left.  We also had another load of laundry to do.  Its much cooler tonight, looks like into the 30s by the weekend.


Sunny this morning when I got up so the sun helped warm up the chilly coach.  Looks like overnight temps will be quite chilly this week.  Frost warning for tonight and low 30s coming this weekend.  We stayed home today and took care of a few things.  I talked to the home inspector and talked about the process.  He is also a Navy Vet so we shared about our Navy experiences.  We also talked to the Dr. in NY and they ordered some lab work for us and renewed an RX for Bonnie. Then after supper I scanned some documents into the computer and settled down to watch some TV with the heat pump running in the background for a little heat.  Thats it for tonight.


It was 43 in the coach when I woke up this morning.  We usually do not run the hear pumps at night.  I fired up the aqua hot and we warmed up quickly with the sun helping a lot.  Our home inspection is today and I headed out around 9:00 am but got some texts and learned that I would not be needed until around 11.  So I headed to Lowes’s to return a Shark-Bite fitting that I did not need.  While I was there I used my Veterans coupon to get two free LED bulbs, nice benefit.  Lowe’s has won my business.

Then it was off to CVS to pick up a RX for Bonnie.  Then over to the neighborhood.  I was way early so I stopped at the kids house and did a little work on my computer.  Then just after 11 I got a text that Alan was almost done with the inspection so I headed over to the house.  Alan gave me the quick report.  So far nothing major just some small things that need to be taken care of and should be relatively easy to correct.  I am supposed to get the full report tonight.  Alan, the inspector is former Navy also and I even got $50 off the quoted price, he said it was an easy inspection.

Then I headed home to the coach.  Earlier today I had gotten an email from the underwriter that they needed to know what home insurance I was going to use.  So I got busy at that.  Stacy recommended an agent she knows and had them give me a call.  We hit it off right from the get go.  She reminds me of our current agent for the coach.  Chris Yust.  Wendy even talks like her.  Her and her husband have their own agency and they are also independent brokers.  So I gave her the details and she went to work.  She called back late afternoon with several plans to choose from and they were both better than the other quotes I had received.  So after Bonnie and I reviewed them we made our choice and called her back.  Then I started to review the Home Warranties, one is being provided by the seller but we get to pick it.

Gave up on that to update the blog and maybe catch the end of the World Series game 2.

Thats it for now.  Thanks For Checking In!