And the beat goes on


Or in our case the process goes on, the mortgage process.  I did receive the inspection report late last night so today I spent most of the day going over that.  The inspector flagged about 19 things that need to be taken care of.  We will present the list to the sellers and hopefully they will take care of them.  We also had some documents to sign, scan and sent back to the insurance company.  I think we are waiting on the appraisal and the attorney to say we have a clear title to proceed to closing.  So far this has been a fast process.  Then we headed over to the kids.  The girls had horseback lessons so Robby and I took them over there and watched them.  Bonnie and Ashley looked at paint chips and talked about decorating.   Then Ashley had some homemade Brunswick stew for us when we got home.  Now we are back at the coach for the night.  Its a little warmer tonight so thats nice.  But the weekend is to be cold.


Another cool but sunny day in the morning so we quickly warmed up and the temperature continued to rise and it turned out to be a nice day.  I worked on the list of things to be corrected at the house and sent it off to the realtor.  The rest of the day we took it easy and just hung around at the coach.

Leftovers for supper and watched some Netflix in the evening.


Bonnie had the alarm set for 7am and we were on the road about a half hour later.  Bonnie was headed to the new neighborhood for the garage sales and I was planning to watch some football with Robby.  It is pretty cool this morning and it rained all night so not sure how many sellers will be scared off.

Well we hit the neighborhood and stopped at one house, not much for sale.  Then we went to the kids house so Bonnie could pick up Reagan as a partner for the sales.  Grace had a party to go to and Harrison was taking the ACTs.  So Robby and I got to watch some college football and talk about home automation.  Bonnie and Reagan were home pretty quickly as there were not many folks selling in the cold weather.  Harrison was next and then Grace.  We watched some more football and Netflix.

I also got to chat online with my daughter in NY and she sent me a picture of our Granddog.  Bailey looks like she misses us.

Also a picture of Alexus who was in the middle of a 5 hour open book midterm exam.  I have heard that open book tests are really hard.

Once Ashley was done at work and got home we headed for dinner at a very good Mexican restaurant.

We had to wait just long enough to get a selfie.

Then we headed for home.  It was 53 in the coach when we got back as the heat was not on.  It is to be in the low 30s overnight so we fired up the heat pumps.  We have not run any heat overnight yet either.  Its a bit nippy in the morning but the sun and the heat pumps do a good job of warming us up usually.  I did put an extra blanket on the bed tonight.

The grand kids in NY look like they are having a good time tonight.  Kaylee is home from college for the weekend.

Well the LA Dodgers just tied the World Series at 2-2 so I am going to call it a night.


It was cool in here this morning but the aqua hot warmed it up quickly then the sun broke through the clouds and that made it comfy in here.  I was up in plenty of time to tune in the the LiveStream from Crossroads so I watched that, another great message from Pastor Pat.

We stayed here at the coach all day.  I did take the trash out and then walked up to the office to pay for the next couple of weeks. Helen one of the owners was there and we chatted for awhile before I headed back to the coach.  I got to  watch the qualifying for the race today, then some football and then the race.  That was about it for this afternoon.  Now the World Series is on and I am getting ready to do the dishes and set up the coffee for tomorrow morning.  Looks like another cold night but it should warm up quickly in the morning.  The wind is to shift back to out of the South and the sun should be nice and bright tomorrow with a high of about 70.

Thats a wrap for this week, Thanks For Checking In!





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