The Waiting Game


First off Happy Birthday to my Favorite Daughter, Love You.

Down to 32 last night in the area, the coach thermometer says low of 37, I like that much better.  But the sun was out and the skies were clear so it warmed up in here quickly.  I was just finishing my emails and blog reading this morning, when I got a message from our realtor.  The sellers are planning to address all 19 of the issues that the home inspector pointed out.  They are almost all minor and quick fixes but do need to be taken care of.  We are very happy about that and they have even sent some pictures.  One of the items was the outside soffit lights.  Turns out that not only do you have to turn on the switch but it has to be dark as there is a photo-cell.

Other things like a smoke detector needed a new battery and they adjusted the garage door.  So the items are being quickly addressed.  Bonnie went for groceries today and also got her hair cut and filled up the car with fuel.  I felt a little queasy all day but took some ibuprofen and ate supper and feel a little better now.  Hoping its just allergies.  We face timed my daughter and sang Happy Birthday.  We also heard from GD Kaylee that she got back to school safely.  She has a late nursing class on Monday so she has time to drive back on Monday.

After the cold night it reached 70 today so I hope we have a lot more warm days, it makes it much easier to take the cool nights.


Happy Halloween.  Another cold night and a beautiful day.  I have been working on researching where to go and what I need to set up all the utilities.  Electric comes from Huntsville Utilities, Trash is Madison County, Water and sewer are from the Harvest/Monrovia Water and Sewer Authority, and Gas which comes from North Alabama Gas District.  Looks like a lot of running around just before we close.  Plus I am trying to decide on internet and TV.  Looks like we have fiber to the house so no more cable.  I noticed some of the new TVs do not even have tuners in them, its all digital.  So lots of things to sign up for.  I forgot how much it takes to buy a house.

Then we headed over to the kids house with a stop at the credit union to take care of a little business there.  Robby did hot dogs on the grill and Ashley made some sides, Bonnie supplied the beans.  The kids were going to their church for Harvest fest so we headed home.  Here are a couple pictures from FB.

Robby said they had a good time.

Watching the World Series to see if the Astros win their first.


It rained a little overnight.  I did not hear it but it was wet out.  Bonnie was up right after me she and Ashley were going to look at furniture again today.  Just before we left for the kids house I got an email with a form that needed to be signed.  So I texted Ashley and Stacy to see if they could print it for us.  Turns out they both did.  So when we got to the house Bonnie and I filled it out and signed it.  Then I used my phone to scan it and emailed it back to Ginger.  While the girls were off looking at furniture I was busy updating our MacBooks, iPhone and iPad.  They were just finishing up when the girls got back.

Then Reagan got home from school and Robby a few minutes later.  Once Grace got home Robby and I took them to Mathnasium and while they were there he went across the street and got a haircut.  Then we dropped off the girls at church.

While they were there we ran up to Mildreds for dinner.  We took two cars so we could head home afterwards.  Dinner was as good as last time, their fried chicken is really good as is the Mac and cheese.  All for $8, today was senior day, normally $9.

So late this afternoon I heard that the aprasial came back and it was all good.  Then just before we went to dinner I got an email saying that the loan was approved.  Stacy also sent an email about moving the closing up a week.  So all is going good.  Things that need to be done will kick into high gear soon if the attorneys approve the title search and are ready to close early.

Now to watch the last game of the World Series.

Thanks For Checking In!