We have a date!


We were up and out the door this morning.  We drove into downtown Huntsville and found the Quest Lab.  It was time for blood work.  The lab was not busy and we were early for our appointments and so they took us early.  So we were in and out quickly.  We normally go out for breakfast on these days so we headed to Another Broken Egg to give it a try.  We were not all that impressed.  Compared to the diners in Buffalo this was super expensive and not all that good.  But it was breakfast and filled the bill.

Then we drove back to La-z-boy and talked to Paul for over an hour and looked at a lot of furniture.  Bonnie trying out a recliner.

Then we headed or the coach.  We stopped in at Sutton’s furniture to look again as Bonnie and Ashley had been here the other day.  So we spent another hour or so.  They have lots of interesting stuff.  Bonnie got her baby fix with the owners daughter’s baby.

Then finally back to the coach.

Bonnie started the laundry and we watched the news.  Then we had a nice FaceTime call from GD Kaylee and a phone call from our daughter and one from our son.  Bonnie made us a nice salad and some pork chops for supper.  Then a little TV and I checked in on the Bills football game.


It was raining when I got up this morning and it sprinkled off and on until late this afternoon, then the sun actually came out.  We did get a couple pictures that a GFCI receptacle had been put in next to the sink and now all the kitchen receptacles were protected.

Also the covers were put on the open junction boxes in the crawl space.

We also received a copy of the report done on the foundation and it was very detailed and very favorable.  So it looks like most everything is done and we actually were told to be ready to close on the 14th.  So hopefully we will be home owners again on that date.

I am also working on either selling the coach right after that or taking it to Houston to PPL motorhomes to be sold.  Its a great coach especially for full timing if your interest move quickly or it will be gone.

Bonnie prepped a pot roast for the instant pot and an apple dump cake.  Then we headed for Robby’s and she did the actually cooking over there.  I am not a fan of pot roast but this was delicious all the kids really liked it also and they can be picky.  Then the dump cake was even better and a bigger hit.

We headed home after dark and thats about it for today.  I have been struggling with our decision on TV and internet it seems like the costs of it have gotten way out of hand but I guess I need to make a decision soon.


Bonnie was up early and out the door for the neighborhood garage sales again.  She was actually back before I got up.  She said there weren’t many and not much stuff.  She did get an ironing board that needs some rubber feet but it was free.  We just hung out the rest of the day.  I did more research online about the TV and internet and finally signed up online.  I had the package picked out that I wanted.  I was ready to buy and the rep in the chat room offered me an additional $100 gift card, so Said Yes to the Deal.  They make it tempting to take a higher tier package but I took the next to lowest bundle that they offered.  So we should have internet the day after we move in.

I watched a little football today and now we are tuned into the Alabama-LSU game.


We were up and headed for the horse stables this morning.  Grace had a riding test and clinic that we wanted to see.  So we were over there by a little after 10 and yes we remembered to set the clocks back last night.

Grace during her test.

She did very good and finished in 2nd place.  We also watched quite a few other riders including adults and younger riders.

Steve the owner came out and raked up the arena before the 2nd part of the event.

Then Kelly, Grace’s Instructor set up the arena for the new riders.

We watched until the next break and then headed out.  The girls stayed to watch and help, the women went to the house, and Robby and I went to Best Buy to look at TV’s.  So many to choose from.  Robby really likes the Samsung and in the end convinced me to get one of them.  I think it will end up in the den but for now will be our only TV.

We went back to the house then and watched some of the NASCAR race before we headed to Outback for dinner.  We have not been to an Outback in years.  Robby said the service has been declining at this one and I agree service was terrible.  I had a small steak and shrimp and I must say it was good.  From there we headed back here to the coach.

Thats a wrap for this week.  The coming week will be busy, lining up the utilities and a few things we need as soon as we move in.  Thanks For Checking In!