Is this the last week


This should be the last full week that we live as Full Time RVers.  Some time after we move into the house I will try to reminisce on our two years on the road.

Not much to write about.  I talked to all the utilities to make sure I knew what I needed to do to get signed up for their services and its a good thing I did as some of them have some strange requirements.  Of course they all have one thing in common, bring your checkbook for the deposit.  It was nice and warm all day but that is all to change.  I also spent some time with our realtor on the phone talking about the home warranty plan that we want as the cost is included in the contract.

I also have been working with a couple companies that sell motorhomes on consignment and one that buys them outright.  I have been looking in the NADA books for values but they all seem to use something different which of course values our Coach and less than what NADA does.  So dealing with all that gives me a pretty full plate.


A little cooler today and the dark clouds and rain rolled through mid morning.  Forecast is for much cooler weather.  More decisions made to day on a variety of things.  I talked to our mailbox company and it takes 90 days to completely shut that down.  Also I started working on change of address online for the magazines and organizations that we belong to.  Also thinking about the timing of when to change the automatic deposits and payments that we have set up.  Wow lots to think about.  We picked the home warranty company and our realtor is taking care of that.  So thats about it.  Does not sound like much but it took all day


Its been a cool dark grey day here today with rain off and on.  Most of our activity was online today.  We are moving closer to the closing and activity is picking up.  We are thinking about how we will unload all the stuff from inside the coach to the house and hoping for some help.  I worked on line a bit more on address changes.  The hardest one so far is the Post Office and I think I will just go there and straighten it out.  It looks like the electric should be all set as they took the money for the deposit out of the bank today.  Later this week I will do the rest to be effective on Tuesday.  I talked to the bank about the wire transfer so I know how to do that now also.  So I was trying to get this done before the CMA show starts and I have almost made it.  The blog looks short but trust me lots of details have been taken care of and I even am using checklists.

Thats it I am off to watch the show.  Friday is Veterans Day, Thank someone for their service.

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  1. THank you for your service 🇺🇸

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