More Money


Seems like the closer we get to closing the more money we have to spend.  I was up and having coffee by the time my 8:15am alarm went off.  Lots going on today.

My first stop was at the local water authority.  I filled out the application for service paid $300 for the meter deposits and account setups.  We have two meters one for the house and one for the lawn sprinkler system.

Then I headed to my sons house and together we headed over to the school for the Veterans lunch with Reagan.  The school honors veterans every year.  It was a very nice time and I enjoyed it.


Once signed in we headed to the lunch room to find Reagan.  Along the way the young students were greeting us and thanking us for our service, very nice.  Three generations of Jae’s.

We were served a very good ham or beef sandwich, fruit salad, chips and a drink.  They also gave out home made place mats.

And a Thank You note.

During Lunch the school chorus sang some songs.  Then the Reagan and her classmates took to the stage for a quick program.

Always a pleasure to have lunch with this little one.

After this we headed to the courtyard for a few Patriotic songs played by an Army group from the Redstone Arsenal.

I could have listened all afternoon.

But it was time for Reagan to get back to school, Robby had to go back to work for a meeting, and I had more money to spend.

I headed to Madison to the the North Alabama Gas District to fill out another application and pay $50 to transfer the gas into our name.  From there I headed back to the coach.  I scanned everything into Evernote and then we headed to Lowe’s.

Bonnie wanted to pick up paint samples and we also picked up a few plastic totes to help unloading the coach and a two wheel dolly.  Then we headed back to the coach with the intention of picking up some milk and bread and Subway for supper.  Somehow we drove past all that and ended up at the coach.

Bonnie made some good sandwiches for supper and then we relaxed.  We had a nice call from GD Kaylee and Bonnie helped her with some ideas for her nursing homework.


It was 46 here when I got up this morning but it warmed up quickly and nicely once I opened the shades to let the sun in and turned on the heat pump for a little while.  Another cool night is in store.

We went over and picked up my son and his family and headed to a favorite place of his called BJs Brewpub for lunch.  Veterans got a free meal so that was very nice, Thank You.  I enjoyed my Chicken Fried steak sandwich but I think I ate to much.  My son and I are both Navy Veterans.  Then we headed back to his house and enjoyed everyones company the rest of the afternoon.  Bonnie made chili for supper but most of us were to full to even think about eating.

We headed home but first Bonnie wanted to try shopping at a different Kroger store so we headed to Madison to try that out.  She was quick and we are finally home for the night.  Thats pretty much our day.


First today is the true Veterans Day, Thank You to my brothers and sisters that have and are Serving our Country.

We had another free lunch today courtesy of Little Caesars Pizza and it was really good much better that the last we had in Yuma.  I only ate one small piece as I am still receiving from yesterdays lunch.  Then it was time for some college football.  We watch Clemson beat Florida and then Auburn beat #1 Georgia.  Then I had a small portion of the Chili Bonnie made yesterday and it sure was good.  Now we are watch Mississippi State beat up on Alabama.  We stayed at Robby’s until the end of the first half and then headed back to the coach.  Hopefully we will get our act together here in the 4th quarter.

I think this morning was the last of the real cold overnights at least until we get moved into the house on Tuesday.  Still 55 at 8:45pm.

Well there were quite a few anxious moments in the game but the Crimson Tide overcame in the end and won Roll Tide!


So it was not so cold last night but it was overcast today so it took a while to warm up, the heat pump did a nice job.  Wes the campground owner was at the door at 11:00Pm wanting to know if we were staying.  We had a nice discussion and I was totally embarrassed.  Somehow I have had it in my head that we needed to pay for the next week on Sundays but all along its been Saturdays that we should have been paying.  So we got all that straightened out and I have it right in my mind.

We headed over to the kids house just after one, with a stop at the office to pay for three nights.  So we should be all set.

We watched a little TV and the end of the NASCAR Race.  Then Robby grilled some Chicken, Bonnie had made Cole slaw and Ashly made green beans and pasta.  So we ate really good tonight.

Reagan wanted to play a game after supper so play “Who would be the most likely too”. You ask a question and then everyone holds up the nave of the person they think would do what the question asks.  It was fun and we headed home right after the game.

Well this should be the last blog from here at the campground.  Wednesdays should be from the house and we should have our internet setup by then.  Hopefully I will remember to take some pictures.

Thats a wrap for this week.  Thanks For Checking In!






  1. Tuesday is pretty close. So Ann’s asking for your new address. We can’t believe it’s already been a year (almost) since you two joined us for a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hope all goes well with the new abode and that you don’t need to keep forking out the big bucks for deposits.

  2. Hope your closing goes smoothly. Best of luck in your new home! We will have to come visit sometime!

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