Sun was bright early this morning and then it was cloudy until noon before we got some sunshine again.

Lots of texts, emails and calls today all the last minute checks and double checks before the closing tomorrow.  It sure is complicated buying a house or selling a house.  Not sure why it is so complicated.  You spend as much on a new coach or even more and its much simpler.  It was after noon when we finally got the final amount that we needed for closing.  I waited a little while and then went down to the bank and did my first ever direct wire transfer.  I had lots of information to give them, addresses and numbers.  We got all that done in about 20 minutes.  The teller told me that it should be completed within 2 hours.  I headed home and got a call from the title company while I was on the interstate, and told them I would call back when I got home to the coach.  So I called back about 10 minutes later and it was just the final check and to remind us what to bring.  I asked her about the wire transfer and she told me she would email me as soon as they got it.

A few minutes later I got the email that they had received.  It was only 40 minutes since I walked into the bank, wow that was quick.  So yes we are excited and hopefully will sleep well tonight.  In the morning we will pack up, put the slides in, and take the coach to the house and put it in the driveway while we head to the closing.

Tonight is our last night as Full-Timers the end of another phase in our journey as we Sojourn on Planet Earth.


It was quite cool overnight and about 43 in the coach this morning, but our heated mattress pad kept us toasty.  We don’t like the cycling of the heat pumps at night and so we don’t usually run them.  Once again the sun was quick to heat us up. Its a big day for us.  Moving from the RV park, closing on a new house, and moving some of the essential stuff into the house.  So lets get started.

Bonnie worked on packing up the inside, I checked the tires, started the engine and aired up the suspension.  Then I went outside to dump the tanks and Bonnie took the trash to the dumpster.  I gave the tanks a real good flush and then we rolled up the hoses.  The slides went in no problems and we were soon ready to pull out.  We ran down the check list and headed out.

We got to the house around 11:30 and I waited down the street until Stacy our realtor came and then we pulled into the driveway and locked up the coach.

We did the walk through final inspection of the house and we got to meet Holly the owner finally.  We had a nice chat and had a chance to ask questions about the house and the neighborhood.  Stacy wanted to take a couple pictures.

It was a real nice time.  We needed something to eat so we headed over to the kids house and Bonnie made us sandwiches.

Stacy was picking us up for the trip to the Title Company and it was nice to ride along with her and not have to fight the traffic ourselves.  The sellers were already there and we got started right away.  Our stack of papers is almost an inch thick.  But everything went smoothly and our first payment is not until January.  We did our hand shakes and hugs and headed home.

Stacy took us back to the kids house.  We loaded up some of what we had stored there and they brought some more stuff in they car.  Then they help us caring in some stuff.  We moved most of the food and all the refrigerator/freezer stuff.  Also enough clothes and stuff to get by until tomorrow.  We were done in by then and called it quits.  Of course I have made at least 3 more trips to get things we forgot.  Robby unpacked the TV and set it up so we are ready for the installer to run the uVerse and Internet tomorrow morning.  The pest control is coming tomorrow and the yard service will be here also.  And hopefully in the afternoon the new mattresses will be delivered.

So as I sit here trying to relax I have been doing changes of address and changing our automatic deposits.  I am sleeping on the couch tonight and Bonnie is sleeping in one of the beds that they left.  So thats about it for today.


I had planned to write tonights part of the blog on our new AT&T network.  However even though my appointment window was between 11 and 1pm no one showed up until almost 3:30PM.  Certainly not the techs fault so I am cutting him some slack.  I called sometime after 1 to see where they were and I did receive several calls  assuring me that they would get the service installed today.  We wanted all 4 receivers installed but it looks like we will only get 3 done if that many today.  Right now he is having issues with the fiber having a low signal.

Bonnie and I packed and carried totes in from the coach most of the day and then Robby came over for a little while to help.  We are too old for this stuff.  I can’t believe the stuff that was backed into the bedroom, enough said.  We still have an awful lot todo but we will get it done.  Have not even started on the basement.

The mattress people called and they delivered the mattresses this afternoon also.  Plus we had two different painters here to give us estimates on getting the painting done that Bonnie wants done.  So we are done for the day and will start again tomorrow.  Hopefully we will have internet and TV in a little while.  We did get the bed set up.

The internet and the uVerse TV are set up and working, I think Garrett the tech left around 7:30, we were his 5th install today and not everything we thought we wanted got done today.

So I am posting this midweek update on the new fiber network.

Thanks For Checking in.



  1. Congratulations! Beautiful home! May you have many happy years there! Howie and Sandy

  2. Congratulations on your new home. It looks like you have found a beautiful place to land.

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