Cooling Off


I was up and having breakfast a little after 7 this morning.  We are missing the blackout shades we had in the coach.  Our bedroom windows face East and South so we get the early morning sun and light.  So I think we will be trying to get earlier than we did in the coach.  We both could tell today that we have been over doing it.  Climbing in and out of the coach has really been hard on my legs and hip.  I was just about useless today.  Bonnie did most of the unloading.  I did empty a few cabinets and brought in a few tubs.  My son stopped on his way home from work and picked up a few more storage tubs.  Bonnie filled them and he carried them in.

UPS brought 3 shipments today batteries, a sewing cabinet, and a Dyson vacuum.  I worked on putting it together and since it was an Amazon warehouse sale it was not in the original packaging.  All the pieces and parts were there and we eventually figured it out.  But in the end the handle would click into place but it would come right off when you pulled on it, it was not locking in place.  Turns out the plastic was cracked so looks like it will be heading back to Amazon.  Here is where it is cracked.

Once we looked at is easy to see it must have been dropped and stressed.  So we are able to use it to vacuum out the drawers.  Robby also carried in the full tubs again, he has been a huge help.  Meanwhile Reagan had a good time playing with the box that the Dyson came in.

She came straight here from school today it was nice to hear the door open and hear her call Grandma!

The AT&T Manager stopped in to apologize for yesterday and said he would check into some alternate receives that we could maybe use.  Well thats about it for today I sure hope my leg feels better tomorrow.


Goal for today is to get the coach emptied out.  After breakfast Bonnie vacuumed out the cabinets and drawers and then with the empty tubs we went out and finished up emptying out the coach.  Boy do we have a lot of stuff to sort through and to find a place for.  Robby came bye after work again and Reagan came straight from School.  Best part of that is I get a hug when she gets here.  Robby carried in the loaded tubs and all the stuff that was in the basement of the coach.  We wiped down everything and then vacuumed the carpets.  Its been a long week of unloading but its done.

I put the slides in and made sure everything was off.  We are to get rain tomorrow and high winds so good to have it closed up.  Robby and I installed my Ecobee 4 thermostat which should help us control and track heating and cooling costs.  Good thing we did as a couple of the wires broke where they were nicked and we got to fix those.

So far everything appears to be working.  This weekend it is to get cold so that will be a good test as we may need the aux heat to help the heat pumps.

Bonnie made eggs and ham for supper and it was good everyone ate, Grace and Reagan included.  Theresa Ashley’s mom came up for the weekend and she came over too.  Ashley was working and on call so her and Harrison were missing.  We had a nice visit and the girls were pretty good.  I am looking forward to tomorrow as I am hoping to rest up as my hips are quite sore for going in and out of the coach and house.  Then next week we can start to organize.


Another 7 am morning.  Today was pretty much a day to rest and recover.  So much needs to be done but some things have to happen first.  Bonnie vacuumed out the drawers and cabinets and is putting stuff away.  But she has also arraigned to get the whole inside of the house painted so no use filling the pantry and closets.  We are using Carlos who also painted the kids house.  Bonnie met him at Sherwin Williams today and so the paint is paid for.  He is starting Monday morning at 7:30 and said it would take about a week.  After the paint store she headed to Kroger to start stocking up.  She got home just before a line of thunder storms went through.  It was very windy and there were a lot of weather alerts but most of it missed out neighborhood, for which we are grateful.  We heard some power was out and branches down.  In fact Robby went out and said he ran over some branches.  We did get a lot of leaves in the garage just from opening the doors to bring in the groceries.

The girls were supposed to spend the night tonight but Reagan was sick today at horseback riding so they decided to stay home tonight.  They will be over tomorrow as Ashley is hosting a Baby Shower.  So tonight was a quiet evening.  Bonnie had brought home dishwashing soap so we were able to run the dishwasher.  She also bought a few glasses from the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

So I did get a few things done today.  I mounted the rain sensor and wind sensor for my weather station.  I did a few things out in the coach.  Robby was here before Reagan got sick and we watched the start of the Alabama game.  They won easily today.  While he was here we programed the garage remote and the keypad.  The temperature was about perfect today and so the heat pumps and the AC did not need to run at all, Robby said this is the time of the year when utilities are low.  Well I just finished a nice hot cup of Earl Grey Tea so I think I am calling it a night.


Well todays high was to only to be yesterdays high but fortunately it got up to almost 65.  But now it is down to 33 and may dip into the 20s in the early morning hours.  I did turn on the Aqua Hot so that it would provide some heat in the coach.  We were up early again today and watched the LiveStream from Crossroads in real time.  I did a few things in the coach while Bonnie made some potato soup for supper.  Ashley and Robby were hosting a baby shower today and the girls were going to come over here.  But they got a better offer to go skating and so they did that.

We watched NASCAR and were happy to see Martin Truex Jr win the championship race today.  I also updated our GPS units and set up an Amazon echo and a Dot.  We are becoming a smart house.

Robby and family came over after the shower and had some of the potato soup.  Robby brought his blower over and blew all of the leaves out of the garage that got in there yesterday.  We visited for a while and then Robby and Reagan walked  home as he wanted to run tonight.  Grace showed Bonnie how instagram worked and looked as some of our pictures.

In the mean time Ashley was looking for a shirt on the last 5% of power in her phone.

I was also busy on my iPad and eventually got to FaceTime with my daughter.  Then everyone headed home and we are watching Alaska the Last Frontier we recorded yesterday.

Thats a wrap for this week.  Painting starts tomorrow so big changes coming this week.  Thanks For Checking In.