Carlos and crew of 2 (all related to him) pulled up at 7:30 right on time this morning.  The painting was set to begin today.  They got right to work and they have a system that works.  By the end of the day (they worked until 5 pm) the entire second floor was done.  Thats 2 bedrooms/closets, bonus room, storage room, and a 3 room Jack and Jill bathroom and there were 3 different colors.  They were quiet, and worked hard all day, very professional.  They cleaned up as they went and the new paint looks terrific, Bonnie is very Happy.

I made a trip to Lowe’s and got almost everything that I went after.  I always seem to forget something.  This house is 10 years old and so the smoke detectors are at the end of their life.  Also we have a gas fireplace and gas stove and there are no CO Monitors.  So after doing my online research I decided to bite the bullet and put in the NEST Protect detectors.

They use dual technology for smoke detention and are also CO monitors.  We have 7 detectors so it was an investment.  They all connect to WiFi and they show up in the NEST app.  I was very happy with my NEST thermostats in NY so hopefully these will work out well.  Google bought NEST and more devices are coming.  Robby came over after work and mounted all of them while I set them up, named them and put them online.  So far so good and no false alarms even with the painting.  At night they even light up to light the way as you walk near them.

Ashley and the girls were here in the afternoon and then left to shop for the bedding in the room the girls will stay in when they are here.  They were gone for a few hours and came back with all the new bedding.

We got an hour or two to relax and then headed to bed as we have to get early again tomorrow.


Carlos and crew were here again here at 7:30 and soon thereafter were painting in the back bedroom.  By the end of the day that side of the house was done, laundry, the den, the dining room and the Master Bedroom with tray ceiling.  They also had a lot of heavy furniture to move.  This shows the difference.


Juan does all the cutting in.

Carlos does the rolling.

The curtain fell on our RVing Experience at least for now.  For the last year I had planned to sell the RV when we bought a house.  I always planned not to try to sell it to an individual myself.  My plan up to last week was to drive the coach to Houston and have PPL Motorhomes sell it on consignment.  Then I read on the RV Dreams bog about a company in Florida that would buy your RV outright and come and pick it up.  So I called them and Jarrod made me an offer.  I thought it was pretty low so I called him back.  We talked and he explained how he came to the offer and in the end he did raise his offer some.  So I told him I would let him know.  So I did some more research and added what my costs would be to go to Houston, continue to make a few payments, keep the insurance in effect etc..  I also checked in to a local consignment but had trouble getting them to call me back.  So I called Jarrod and told him I would accept his offer.  He had Keri call me and we set up for the coach to be picked up last Friday, two days after we moved in.  By the end of the day Wednesday I knew we would not have the coach ready by Friday so I called and we rescheduled for Yesterday.  Well yesterday Ryan the driver called early in the morning and told me he had hurt his back and could not fly yesterday morning.  We talked and he was able to get a flight up here last night so he was in town.  He texted me last night that he had arrived.

He got a hotel and then ubered over here a little after 9 this morning.  He looked over the coach.  Then Bonnie and I signed the paper work.  We exchanged checks and dropped the payoff check off at UPS to payoff the coach.  Then back to the house, we took off my plates and put on his dealer plate.  I helped him back out of the driveway and said goodbye.  He was a pleasure to deal with and I could tell his back was still hurting him a lot.

He pulled away and I waved good bye to not only the coach which we loved but also a lifestyle we completely enjoyed.

The coach is gone but we have the memories and friendships that will last the rest of our lives.  As so many others have said we should have started sooner.


Up and at it early again today.  Carlos and crew were right on time again today.  Today they brought the tall ladder to paint the high walls.  They got started out by the front door and the staircase.  They always have smile on their face.

Then they moved on to the living room.

Plenty of work for all three of them.

Then they moved into the master bath and closet, they are moving right along.  Just a little left to do in the kitchen and so they moved out into the garage and painted it in a little over an hour.  Carlos came back inside and finished the kitchen.   Bonnie kept busy vacuuming when they moved furniture and the refrigerator.

We worked on some papers to change direct deposits and I went down to the Post Office to mail them.  Robby came home with Harrison and the girls to move the beds into the back bedroom upstairs.  That took a couple hours as they had to be taken apart to move them.  Bonnie also started organizing the pantry.

Mean while back in Buffalo, Elizabeth sent me a picture of Sue and a couple volunteers getting the bags ready for the Turkey Express tomorrow.  Meals on Wheels does not deliver on Holidays and Buffalo City Mission delivers meals on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We used to help on Christmas morning at the Hambone Express.  Tomorrow they will deliver over 5000 meals.

Back to the house, here is a look at the big wall before the furniture was moved back into place.

So tomorrow we are going to the kids house for dinner.  The house is done, Carlos will be back Friday to touch up and detail.  Then he will be finishing up the garage and putting Epoxy paint on the floor.

We have so much to be Thankful for, I hope you all enjoy time with family over the holiday.

Thanks For Checking In!




  1. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, the new house looks very cozy. Be safe

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