Happy Thanksgiving.  We are so thankful for being able to spend the last 2 years on the road and traveling around this Grand country of ours.  We have seen and done incredible things.  Now we are thankful for a beautiful house that we will turn into a beautiful home to be enjoyed by our family and friends.  Today we had a great time with family and the day just flew by.  Meanwhile our NY family was up and out the door shortly after 6 this morning and help the Buffalo City Mission deliver 5600 meals to the needy.  I am so proud of them.  Alexus even got interviewed by Channel 4 and was on the news,

We had a very traditional turkey meal and of course I ate too much.  Waiting while until everyone is seated.

Harrison and his friend Alyssa at their first of 3 meals they needed to attend today.

The sun was super bright and messed with the lighting for the group selfie

After a few moments of relaxing we played some games and had a good time.  This game was called Wits and Wagers

Grace and I were teamed up.

We also played Uno and a game similar to the old game of concentration.

Bonnie gathered up some of the leftovers and we headed over to the house.  Then a little while later the family cam over and the girls played up in their room and Ashley brought some things to help decorate it.  Robby walk up a while later and we watched a little college football.  Reagan was not feeling good and Ashley took her home and a while later Robby and Grace said good night and walked home.  Its been a great day.


Decided to combine these last two days.  Tony aka Carlos was here in the morning to do the detail as he called it.  Him and Juan spent a couple hours in the house touching up not only what they painted but also some of the white trim.  Once he was happy with all that they moved out to the garage.  Juan beat Tony here this morning and had already moved everything out of the garage, some outside

and some in the spare bedroom since the floor would need to cure for a few days.

Then they got busy cleaning and preparing the floor.  They treat the oil spots and pressure washed the garage and etched the floor so the paint would adhere.

Meanwhile in the house I went to put the bottom grill back on the refrigerator and checked the coils.  Houston we have a problem.

Plugged up with pet hair and dust.  So I cleaned as best I could and put a refrigerator coil brush on the Lowe’s list.

As soon as the guys left we headed to Lowe’s to get the paint for the garage floor and front door.  We also picked up some other things that were Black Friday specials.  We also ordered some stuff on line today that was on sale.  Then we picked up some Chinese take-out on the way home.  Sadly it was not all that good.  Looking for a new place.  Back home we did some more research on the dinnerware we wanted to order.  We were both tired and headed to bed early.

Tony and Juan were here at a little after 7 this morning and went right to work.  Did some more cleaning and then put a bonding agent on the entire floor again to make sure the paint sticks good,  Once that was dry they mixed the epoxy together and started to coat the floor.

They moved right along.

Tony did a good job of sprinkling on the closed flakes.

Now it just needs to sit for a few days and cure before we can drive on it.

It looks great and I have always wanted a garage like this.  Tony then painted the front door for Bonnie, a Lavender Color since we our street is Lavender Sky.

Then Robby and the girls came over and we watched the Alabama/Auburn game and sadly we played terrible and lost.

Then Robby and I headed for the Toyota dealer to look at Tacoma trucks, too small.  So we looked at the Tundras too expensive.  So after 3 hours we headed home pretty disappointed in the Toyota trucks.


I must have been tired last night as I woke up in the middle of the night laying on my phone and the pillows were still stacked up.  But I did get up at 7:30 in plenty of time for church.  So we headed over to Mt Zion Baptist Church to meet Robby and family.  We attended the contemporary service with a worship band so it was similar to the type of service we are used to.  Afterwards Bonnie want to shop at Kroger so we went over there and she picked up some groceries,  Then home and one of the neighbors came over and said hello, so now we have met 3 of the neighbors.

The garage floor has set up and I did walk on it a little today to do some measuring for some storage.  Then I dozed off sitting on the couch while Bonnie watched a show on Yellowstone.  Then she went in and took a nap.  I did put the weather strips back in the front door as that paint is good and dry also.  That is about all I have for this week.  So thats a Wrap.  Thanks for Checking In!

Got my first Christmas e-Card





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