Settling In


Now that the painting is done in the house we can finally start to put stuff away in the closets and storage areas.  All the garage stuff is still either outside or in the back bedroom.  So this morning I talked to the folks at NewAge Products and ordered some storage cabinets, all were at least 20%, still a Black Friday sale.  Then I called Quest Diagnostics since we got a big bill for Bonnie’s lab work.  They never submitted the bill to insurance.  We still have not been able to get a copy of her results.  Then I called Coach-Net to make sure they had canceled my roadside service plan.

Then I spent some time at my desk and scanned a bunch of receipts and paperwork into Evernote.  If you don’t use it you should take a look at it to organize all your paperwork.  We got two deliveries today and a bunch of mail.  Our new control for the sprinkler was first.  Then the leaf blower came from Lowe’s, the battery needed charged so I have not put it to the test yet.  I also moved all the garage stuff closer to the door so it is not so much of an eye sore out in the yard.  Tomorrow we can start to move it all back into the garage.

We were invited to the kids house for hot dogs tonight.  Then I took Grace down to get a new battery put into her phone.  Of course I forgot my wallet so had to run back to the house for that but it all got taken care of.  Batteries Plus did it and I bought some more LED bulbs for the house.  Their warm bulbs look pretty good almost like an incandescent.  I swapped out the bulbs in the 3 way lamps in the living room and I like the way they look.  Tomorrow I will swap out the bedroom.


Well I am behind again in updating the blog.  We seemed to be busy all day slowing putting things away and trying to get organized.  I moved all the tubs and stuff that was outside and put it right outside the doors.  Tomorrow we can move everything back into the garage.  We have been very fortunate that it has not rained.


So today I moved everything back into the garage.  Tony is coming this afternoon to help move things out of the back bedroom that go back in the garage.  The storage cabinets we ordered were shipped today so hopefully they will be here before to long right now things are lined up along the edge.

I also took down a section of the Rubbermaid tool rail system to make room for the storage units.  While doing that I somehow sliced my finger.  I did not feel it happen but soon had blood everywhere. I went in and put two bandaids on it and went back out to continue working in the garage.  It soon soaked through and I went back in and Bonnie helped clean it up and more bandaids.

Tony came by and we got all the garage stuff out of the house and he is coming back tomorrow to paint the spots where I took down the rail and the old sprinkler control.

We had a few deliveries today.  Some small shoebox size storage boxes which Bonnie used to organize in the bathroom closet.  Then all our new corelle dishes came, Bonnies Bath and Body order came, and finally a started kit for Samsung Smartthings to get started automating the house.

We also went to church for supper and ended up have a family with 4 children sit down with us.  Turns out they are neighbors and bought the house on the corner of our street.  So it was nice to meet them.  I would guess there were a couple hundred folks at the meal.

Robby dropped the girls off at church and then stopped over so we could cut a piece of wood up and then he helped me install another Ecobee 4 thermostat upstairs.  We had an extra wire that we needed to figure out and it turns out it was connected at the furnace but not at the other end.  So that all should be working now.  Once he left I got my Samsung Smartthings Hub connected to the network and connected a test plug.  Tomorrow I will set some more devices set up.

Well thats it for now.  Still lots of organizing to do and we are hoping to get our new living room furniture before the weekend.

Thanks for Checking In!