December 2017

The Fun Continues

THURSDAY Still very cold 18 this morning.  Of course up in NY it was below zero.  Elizabeth took the girls to the botanical gardens today and I think they had […]

Birth Day of a King

MONDAY Christmas Day is here the day we celebrate the birthday of Christ the King. We went to bed with lots of presents surrounding the tree. As I sit here […]

Here Comes Santa Claus

MONDAY Flashback to last night.  This week is large trash pickup here in the neighborhood.  So I put out all the pallets and an old bookcase.  Then one of the […]


THURSDAY I was hoping to make a lot of progress in the garage today and I did pretty good.  I put all the mounting brackets up for the wall cabinets. […]


MONDAY I love the RV lifestyle and I loved the time we spent as full time RVers.  I jumped in with both feet 5 or so years ago.  I learned […]

Lots to learn

THURSDAY Remember today is Pearl Harbor Day 12/07/1941, when the Japanese bombed our ships in Pearl Harbor Hawaii. The temperature continues to drop, todays low was 35, tomorrows 27.  Thats […]

Adding to the family

MONDAY I forgot to post a picture of the beautiful Poinsettia that was delivered from our friend and financial advisor Rick, Thanks Rick. Bonnie took off this morning in search […]

More Deliveries

Thursday I think UPS, FedEx, and the USPS all made deliveries to the house today.  Plus Bonnie went shopping for hours and brought home linens, silverware, trash cans and other […]