More Deliveries


I think UPS, FedEx, and the USPS all made deliveries to the house today.  Plus Bonnie went shopping for hours and brought home linens, silverware, trash cans and other things we needed for the house.  I made a bunch of calls and lined up somethings for next week.

Suttens called and all our furniture except the entertainment center will be delivered tomorrow, then a trucking company called and my storage system for the garage will also be delivered.  After Bonnie got home and rested some I called Tony the painter to see if he was still coming and together we decided next week would be better.

So that left us free to head to Decatur to check out the Honda Pilots and Ridgeline.  We both fell in love with the Ridgeline and before the night was over we signed on the dotted line.  We had a very nice experience and a no pressure no hassle transaction.  Just after the test drive.

We have to go back to Decatur on Dec 6th, to get our drivers license so we will pick it up then.  That gives me time to line up the insurance and all.  So a busy day as we did not get home until after 10.


Lots on tap for today, the furniture is coming after lunch and the storage after 10am.

Shortly after 10 I got a call from the R&L truck driver that he would be here in 30 minutes to deliver the storage system.  Sure enough he pulled up and started to unload.

My delivery was on two pallets.

One of the pallets broke, they were very thin wood.  The diver was very skillful and did a good job of getting them off the truck.  Instead of the curbside delivery I thought I was getting he wheeled them right into the garage for me.  We chatted for a while and he was on his way.  Leaving me with three of these boxes to unpack.

I removed the straps and cardboard from the first one.

Then on the inside was the base cabinet and the wall unit.  I waited for Robby to come over to lift them out.

Then we laid the big cabinet down.  Tomorrow I will but the legs and casters on.

Then this afternoon Sutton’s showed up with the new furniture for the living room.  A sofa, loveseat and chair.

I also got a very nice desk that Bonnie picked out for me.

Then it was time to head back to near Decatur to celebrate GD Grace’s birthday at JW Steakhouse.  We had a good time there and the food was pretty good.  Finally back at the house we can relax a bit before heading to bed.  We still have a lot of organizing to do.  Tomorrow is another day.


Not much is planned for today although there is a lot that needs to be done.  I worked in the den on paperwork and the mail.  I have been letting it accumulate so that is all taken care of.  Bonnie was busy and did the wash and but the new sheets and comforter on our bed.  I also worked out in the garage putting casters and legs on the storage cabinets.  We have so much packing and cardboard out there not sure when we will get it all taken care of.  Plus there are pallets, I think those can go out to the curb for large trash pickup later in the month.

Stacy brought a bed over for Bonnie and now we can have Suttons deliver another set of mattresses.

Robby came over and we watched the SEC Championship game, Georgia beat Auburn.  Alabama still has a chance to play for the National Title.  At half time we unpacked the second of the three boxes that came yesterday day.  Sadly there is a little damage but some of it is in places where it will not show.  On the bottom of this cabinet

The bottom is dented and scratched.

Then the tall cabinet is bent on the bottom, I think it happened when the pallet broke in the truck.

Allowing the whole box to shift.

I will call the company on Monday and see what they want to do about it.

Then Robby had to go and help at home with a little party for Grace and her friends to celebrate her 13th birthday.

Here is a picture of the Grand kids.

My iPad was really acting strange today, lucky for me a new release of iOS 11 came out this evening and it seems to have corrected all the resetting it was doing.  Well thats it for tonight time to hit the rain locker


We headed to church this morning we got on the bus and Robby and family got there and rode the same bus.  Grace also brought all the girls that had been at her slumber party.  We split off to go to the blended more traditional service and they went to the contemporary service.  We were hoping to hear the Lead Pastor today, but alas he preached in the contemporary service today.  So we heard the Associate Pastor again and he does a good job.  Today kicked off the Christmas season and I think I am getting into the spirit.  Lots of Christmas Hymns and the choir followed suit and sang the same.  There is a small orchestra and they were very good also.

After church we picked up a few things at Lowe’s and then headed home.  Bonnie worked on the spaghetti for supper and we watched a few things on TV.  Robby and the girls came over at 4:30 for supper and Ashley and Harrison came a little later.

We headed to church for “A Night of Christmas Praise”.  I lost count of the number of groups and soloists that performed tonight.  We had kids from the age of 3 up to folks older than me.

One thing for sure this church has a lot of very talented people.  I especially enjoy the Bell Choir and the kids were also very good.  What a way to wrap up the week and kick off the Christmas Season.

Thats a wrap for this week.  Thanks For Checking In!





  1. Wishing you and Bonnie much happiness in your new home.

  2. outstanding bob. looks like Santa came early. gorgeous home. enjoy

  3. Boy U been busy….
    I like your new Honda addition.. Coll pick up

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