Adding to the family


I forgot to post a picture of the beautiful Poinsettia that was delivered from our friend and financial advisor Rick, Thanks Rick.

Bonnie took off this morning in search of a Christmas Tree and various other things.  I called AT&T to get the cash card we were promised plus another $100 credit to our account.  The I talked to Wendy and we got our Alabama insurance activated for the CR-V and the new Ridgeline.  I spent the whole day in the den/office trying to get organized.  I did take a break when the guys from Sutton’s furniture brought a mattress for the bed in the back bedroom.  The also put the felt feet on bottoms of the new furniture to prevent scratches to the wood floor.

The kids came over to eat up the left overs plus Bonnie made salads.  We had a nice time and they stayed until around 7:30.  Harrison and Robby helped unpack the last of the new storage cabinets for the garage, so tomorrow I can put the castors and feet on them .  Hope fully Tony will come by and touch up the paint.


It rained all night and it was kind of dark when I got up at 8 this morning.  Bonnie said it rained hard overnight and woke her up, I did not hear it.  Our rain gauge said a little over an inch when I got up.  It continued to rain almost all day and the total for the whole day was just over 2 inches.

I worked in the garage some and got the castors and legs on the last set of cabinets.  I also cut up some of the cardboard and picked up some of the packing.  The recycle bin was full and they emptied it early this morning and its full again.  Tonight we set out the trash bin and its full also, mostly packing material.  I think it will take us a couple of weeks to get rid of it all.

Then I headed to the bank to deposit a couple checks.  The rain continued so I went to the drive in teller.  Then headed back home.  Bonnie made me a sandwich and then we hung the clock she got for the living room.  Also put some hooks on the back of the hall closet door so visitors have a place to hang their coats.  That led me to the kitchen to tighten up the screws on the six chairs.

So now they are nice and tight.  I did find that one of the corner braces is broken and someone tried to fix it with hot glue that has failed.

Then Ashley came over, Bonnie already had the shake and bake pork chops in the oven and some scalloped potatoes.  Ashley was making salad.  Robby and the girls came in from mathnesium and soon dinner was ready.  After dinner the girls played up in the bonus room and had a good time.  The rest of us had a nice visit.  I really enjoyed the evening and its so nice that we are getting to spend so much time together.

The girls helped me take the trash out and then we relaxed.  We got our almost nightly call from GD Kaylee and we so enjoy chatting with her about her experiences at college.  The rain has ended and the temperature is falling.  Snow is in the forecast for the weekend.  Tomorrow we head back to Decatur to get our Alabama Drivers license and pick up the new Honda.  Time for some sleep now.


I did not sleep well last night and was up shortly after 6.  Once Bonnie got up I went out and worked on cleaning up the garage.  That mostly involved cutting up the cardboard packing and pretty much filling up the trash tote that just got emptied this morning.

Last night I got all the paperwork that we should need to get our drivers license today and just after 1:00pm we left for our appointments in Decatur.  The GPS was giving strange directions and Google was telling me something different but we did manage to find the Morgan County Courthouse and the Deputy that xrayed our stuff pointed us in the right direction.  The waiting room only had one person in it.  He asked about my Navy hat and turns out he was a Navy Veteran also.  We were both transferring in from other states.  He got called in and we were shortly after him.  But the whole process took about an hour and we walked out with our interim paper licenses.  We had the extra id necessary so we will be getting the STAR license and I am getting the Veteran License,

Then we headed over to Honda of Decatur to add to the family.  We are once again a two Honda vehicle family.  It was almost dark when we got home.  I did take the time to activate the garage door opener but thats about it.  Robby stopped over and we took the new Ridgeline over to pick up Reagan from church.  She is singing in the children’s choir and the program is this Sunday night.  No pictures since it was dark, I will try to add some tomorrow.

Thats it for now Thanks For Checking In.


  1. I’ve enjoyed your adventures of becoming a brick and mortar owner again. Your home is lovely and know you are glad to be near family.
    Your activities of recent weeks have made me tired just reading about them. We wish you both a very merry Christmas 🎄 and a great new year!
    Joanne and Mike

    1. Thank You we are very happy here and hopefully can slow down soon.

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