Lots to learn


Remember today is Pearl Harbor Day 12/07/1941, when the Japanese bombed our ships in Pearl Harbor Hawaii.

The temperature continues to drop, todays low was 35, tomorrows 27.  Thats cold for here, the heat pumps are running a lot to keep the house at 68.

Today we headed over to DMV Madison County.  The goal was to get our registration, titles and plates for our two cars.  Oh we also had to pay the Ad Valorem Tax, which is like a personal property tax on the cars.  So $ 261.00 later and after they verified the VIN on the CR-V we headed home with our new Alabama License Plates.  We did make a quick stop at Krogers for gas and saved $.30 a gallon.

Back home Bonnie unpacked some boxes and bags.  The cookbooks etc that we left in the coach arrived in the mail so we are thankful for RVSelect for packing them up and sending them.  I worked in the garage for a while, then took care of some paper work and finally put the new plates on the cars.  I think we are officially domiciled in Alabama now.  We still need to make a trip to the accessors office to claim a couple exemptions and hopefully we can do that soon.  Then I spent some time in the new Ridgeline with the manual figuring out what the 15 buttons on the steering wheel all do.  I love technology but this is almost to much for me.  The truck keeps its self in the lane, spaces itself behind the car in front of you and will attempt to stop before it has an accident.  I learned tonight that the high beams are automatic also.

I did get a call from my daughter, she was driving home in Buffalo’s first Lake Effect snow of the season.

I like the view here much better.

BTW thats a Holly bush and it is loaded with berries.  Then I talked to my son for a bit.  A while later GD Reagan called and asked me to come to the stables tonight and watch her ride, she is learning to cantor.  I made it and she did a good job and her instructor is taking it slow and is very patient.

We do have a special guest with us tonight.

No telling what mischief he will get into tonight for the girls to find tomorrow.  Well I am going to get to bed and let the Elf get to work.


Not sure what the Elf was up to overnight but this is what I found this morning.

It was 28 this morning and only got up to 35 today.  I got a FaceTime from a very happy young lady this morning.

She just found out she got a very good grade on her last test, she was FaceTiming me and on the phone with her Dad at the same time.  Keep up the good work.  I know she has been studying hard and it is paying off.

I headed to Lowe’s and picked up some large HD plastic bags to start picking up all the styrofoam packing from the storage cabinets and get the garage organized.  Then we can get the cars inside at night.

I also remembered to get a picture of the Holly bush.

And the spare bedroom on the first floor.

Ashley was working so Robby and the girls came over for supper, Bonnie made some delicious turkey and rice, I think we all enjoyed it.  Before supper Robby and Bonnie put up the shower curtain rods and shower curtains in the other two bathrooms.  We had a real nice evening and they stayed until around until 7:30.

We finally got our photo booth picture from the Veterans Day event at Reagan’s school.


The first thing on the agenda this morning was Breakfast with Santa.  The HOA puts it on and families sign up for a time slot, so that keeps the lines from being long and too many people crowding into the clubhouse.  Our time was 9:30am.  I was a bit early so I went through some more of the settings on the truck.  Setting door locking and unlocking preferences. Once the kids came we went in.  Lots of rolls, cookies and even some cake.  Then the kids got their picture taken with Santa.

Once back home I did a little work in the garage.  Still a lot to clean up.

Including this big pile of styrofoam.

I was able to fit all the styrofoam in to two 44 gallon plastic bags.  Once that was done I moved on to painting the walls where I removed the sprinkler controller and the Rubbermaid wall rail.  Then I took a break to let the paint dry.  Once that was dry I hung my new sprinkler controller and hooked it up.

Then I moved some of the cabinets into the area they will eventually end up in.

Bonnie made meatloaf and boiled potatoes this afternoon and the kids came a little after 5 for a quick meal before they headed downtown to see the Nutcracker with their kids.

Another cold night is in store,  It was 20 this morning when I got up.  Tonight is forecast to be at least that cold again maybe colder.


It was 20 degrees when I got up and stayed that way until the sun had been up for a while, the aux heat came on and once the sun came up the house was comfy.

We were off to church this morning again.  We park at a school close to the church and a mini bus picks us up at the car and drops us off at the front door, very convenient.  Today we finally got to hear the Pastor Kevin speak, he has been preaching in the opposite service from the one we have been in.  He is very energetic and I think I will like him.  Today was a special sermon on Children as the church voted today on calling a new pastor for Childhood Education.

We had a quiet afternoon and then Robby and Harrison came over and picked up the couch that we no longer have room for.  We even used my truck to transport it.  Hopefully they got it up into his room.  Bonnie had just cook hamburgers so I came right back home to eat.  Now we have room to put up the Christmas Tree.

I heard the Christmas program was postponed in Buffalo because of the bad weather but we are good here.  We are off to our Christmas program and Reagan is in it.

We were back 5 or 6 rows so the pictures are not very good but here they are.  She is bottom left.

On the left again.  I would say Jingle Bell Beach was a success.

Back home again and it looks like I will get this posted on time for a change.

Thats a Wrap for This Week.  Thanks For Checking In!




  1. Beautiful home! Looks like you are making the transition to being off the road pretty well. Connecting with the grandkids and family is pretty special, too.

  2. Things look like they’re coming together. Maybe, I can get Gary to get down for a visit sometime.

    1. Come on down, Elizabeth and family are coming for a week at Christmas

  3. Really enjoyed your blog tonight!
    We were in TX early last week and started the house hunting!
    Then off to Buffalo! Lots of Snow!
    Just arrived back in ABQ for Christmas!
    All my best! Leslie

    1. Thanks, happy house hunting, Good Luck, the right house is out there for you

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