I love the RV lifestyle and I loved the time we spent as full time RVers.  I jumped in with both feet 5 or so years ago.  I learned everything I could about RVing and started each day by reading quite a few blogs and also many forums on coaches and systems.  I knew our couches inside and out and enjoyed learning all I could.  Now that we have moved to a new season in our lives I am slowly weaning myself from spending hours a day reading and glean that knowledge.  I still love to learn new things so I am redirecting.  My son is helping me to slowly turn our house into a smart house and automate many of the daily things that we do.  So much to learn, so it will keep me fresh and occupied.

This morning I spend some time at my desk and scanned a few things and got a letter ready to start closing down our mail service in South Dakota.  Thats a 3 month process, its not as simple as giving a forwarding address to the Post Office. I tried notifying the Post Office and was notified that they would not simply forward my mail since we were using a commercial mail service.  So the process is started.

Bonnie went off shopping and I headed to the bank to take care of some business there as well as mail the letter to Americas Mailbox to start the shutdown process.  Then back home I worked some more in the garage and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Bonnie came home and put the groceries away and then we put up the tree.

Bonnie worked on getting the branches looking right.

I programmed a smart outlet and then with the help of Alexa we turned on the lights.

Now to find the tree skirt.  Finally we had left overs for supper and then sat back to relax.  Much warmer today and it is still 45 at 10pm.


This morning I worked some more on the 6 hour driver safety course online.  It feels like I have already done 12 hours.  Then I scanned some more documents.  Once Bonnie was up I signed her up for the safety course and she is still working on it this evening.

Ashley and the kids stopped in for a while around 7:30.  What kid can resist a ladder.  Boy they have lots of energy.

Tomorrow is trash day so I brought in the recycle bin that was emptied today and took the full trash tote out to the curb.  I worked in the garage again today and finished setting up the cabinets.  I still have 3 overhead cabinets to hang but the garage is set up enough that the CR-V is in the garage tonight for the first time.

It looks like Doug Jones is going to beat Roy Moore for the US Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions when he became Attorney General.  Well thats about it for tonight.


Cold but sunny this morning and everything warmed up nicely.

Today we headed to the Madison County Service Center.  Today we saw the accessor and claimed our homestead and our over 65 exemptions for the property taxes.  It went smooth and easy and we were done quickly.  This cuts our tax rate in half and exempts us from the state portion of the taxes.  So I think that is the last thing we needed to do to make our move to Alabama all complete.

Bonnie finished her safe driver course last night and I sent the certificate to our agent this morning.

I puttered around in the garage for a bit, then at my desk.  Reagan came over to help Bonnie make Carmel popcorn today.

This is a recipe we got from Wendy Walsh when we lived near Chicago.  Its delicious and Bonnie has made it almost every year for the last 20 some years.

We headed to church for the Wednesday night fellowship supper.

Tonight was Chick-fil-A, one of the members owns a local franchise so the Wednesday meal is occasionally chicken.

Ashley dropped the girls off and they ate with us also.  We also had a nice chat with Mark, who is the minister of music and also a neighbor here in the neighborhood.

Just had my nightly FT with GD Kaylee and now its off to bed.

Just realized it is Wednesday and I need to publish this.

Thanks For Checking In