I was hoping to make a lot of progress in the garage today and I did pretty good.  I put all the mounting brackets up for the wall cabinets.  I even thought of trying to put them up myself but decided they were just a bit to heavy for me.  So I’ll wait for Robby to come over after work.  I unpacked the workbench top and got it ready so we can cut it later today also.

Once Robby got here we had the cabinets up in 10 minutes.  But cutting the top was not to be.  The saw blade was a bit dull and the batteries needed charged in his cordless circular saw.  So they are being charged and I will buy a new blade in the morning.  So this is what where we are at.

Down to freezing again tonight.  Time to hit the hay.


I was up and out the door early this morning while Bonnie was still in bed.  My intended stop was Lowe’s to get a saw blade and a couple hooks to hang a shoe bag for Bonnie.  When I finished at Lowes I decided to head over to Best Buy to check out a sound bar that was on sale.  Well I did and it sounded good so I picked that up also.  Then I headed to CVS to pick up some things there.  Finally I headed home.’

First thing was to hang the shoe bag up in the closet for Bonnie.  That done I headed out to the garage and put the new saw blade on the saw.  Then I had to run over to Robby’s to get the charged up battery.  Well the new blade cut through the bench top like butter and now all I need to do is fasten down the tops.  Then install the lights.  I am making progress.

Then I went inside to warm up and to work on setting up the sound bar.  The hook up was pretty simple but the sound is not very loud so I will work on that tomorrow

Robby was taking Reagan to Mississippi to spend time with Grandma Teresa so I offered to ride a long.  We headed over that way around 2:30 meeting her halfway, we got back around 6:45.

The oldest Granddaughters are both done with school for this semester and are home for the holidays and will be coming down here for Christmas.  We are getting excited.  Thats it for today.


Another chilly night but we did climb into the low 50s today and it was sunny.  Robby came over and he helped me get a lot done today.  He hung a wall hanging for his mother and then came out to the garage.  We put the workbench tops on the roll around cabinets.  We reprogramed the garage door openers so they both work in our cars and his.  Then we took the pallets and other large items out to the curb as this is large trash week.  Tomorrow I will take out the trash bags with the styrofoam in them. We got the garage so cleaned out that we now have both cars inside.

Bonnie had a late lunch ready for us about the time we finished so we all sat down for leftover pork chops and mashed potatoes.  Grace was here also and had a baked potato and beans.

Yesterday I could not get much volume out of the new Samsung sound bar that I bought.  So I worked on it before Robby came over this morning and finally changed a setting in the cable box and that was all it needed.  When Robby got here we set up the Bluetooth and connected it to the Network.  Now it should auto update and I can stream music to it.

Ashley called and wanted us to go over so we did for a while.  Robby and I made a quick run to Lowe’s as he needed a door bell.  Grace had several girls over from her Sunday School class.  We got back and hooked up the doorbell.

Then we headed home around 8pm.


We were up and off to church this morning.  The Bell Choir started the service and I love to hear them.  I am really enjoying this Christmas Season.  We took it easy this afternoon.  All I did was to carry out the rest of the trash for the large trash pickup this week.

Bonnie is a bit under the weather so looks like I am going to the Cantata alone tonight.  So I will go ahead and get this sent off before I go.  Thats a Wrap for this Week.

Thanks For Checking In!

Merry Christmas!