Here Comes Santa Claus


Flashback to last night.  This week is large trash pickup here in the neighborhood.  So I put out all the pallets and an old bookcase.  Then one of the neighbors posted on our local FB page that he had put out some lamps and a cherry desk.  So Bonnie and I jumped in the truck and went to look at the Desk with a hutch.  We brought it home and several lamps.  I also noticed that the bookcase was gone from our pile.  Today the trucks picked up what was left.

We put some stuff away today and worked on getting organized.  Bonnie is also working on a bed room set for the guest room on FB marketplace.  Then we headed downtown with the kids to visit the Christmas Village and to get pictures with Santa.  There was also a blacksmith and some other displays to look at.

Bonnie ran into this guy.

Ashley caught us outside the outhouse.

I found the girls in one of the museum rooms.

Then we waited in line to see Santa

Naughty and Nice

Finally I saw a mommy kissing Santa Claus

I think he looks scared.

Then we headed home time for some rest.


Kind of a dreary day today with promises of heavy rain tonight.  The recycle truck came and I went out after the mail came and brought it back in.  Then I worked some in the office and I need to make a run to the bank to do a deposit.  Then I worked out in the garage cutting up more cardboard and some trimmings that Bonnie did yesterday.  Then I made my run to the bank.  I also stopped at Batteries + and Bulbs to pick up some LED bulbs for outside the garage and some LED tubes to convert the fluorescent bulbs in the laundry room.

Bonnie then started some cookies

so I peeled the Hersey kisses for her.

Finally all done the house smells really good.

Also got great news from our two College GDs they both have lots of A’s to report we are very proud of them, I know they both work very hard.

Now to relax and see who winds the Voice.  Red is a local boy so I am pulling for him but they are all very good.


Wow its late already and I need to not only update the blog but publish.  Bonnie picked up Reagan this morning and headed to the grocery story and Hobby Lobby.  I worked on organizing some in the garage.  Then I headed back to the store to get some non-shunted tombstones.  These tombstones are the connectors in your fluorescent light fixtures that the bulb screws into.  I needed them to finish converting the fixtures to LED tube lights.  Just before I left I went out to bring in the garbage tote.  Hey wait a minute, they left me a brand new one.  The other one was kind of stinky.

So back home I got to work.  I shut off the power and then opened up the fixture (forgetting to take any pictures).  I cut out the ballast and rerouted the incoming power to the new tombstones.  Put it all back together and it worked.  Now we have much better light in the laundry room.  Then I finished up in the garage.

Shortly after I sat down Bonnie got home and I helped carry in the groceries.  Then Robby stopped in and I rode with him to go pick up Reagan after her session at mathesium.  But she decided to go shopping with her mother.  We were planning to go to Best Buy but traffic was heavy so we came back home.  One of the remotes in my car was opening both doors so we reprogramed all the remotes and both doors again.  Hopefully it is all right now.

Bonnie heated up some leftovers for supper and by then Reagan was here.  So we all sat down for supper.  After clean up Robby and Reagan headed home.

Checking the mail we learned that our friend Dr. Fraser from Little Rock is ready to retire which will give him much more time to hike the trails which he loves to do.  I hiked a few miles with him and we also used to canoe together.  Enjoy your retirement.

The finale of survivor was tonight and I was happy to see Ben win.

Thats it from here, Thanks For Checking In.






  1. Looks like all is going very well!
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Yes, Bob, I am looking forward to retirement. Just hoping I don’t drive Jeanneane crazy, since I like to be busy.
    Merry Christmas to you and Bonnie.

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