Waiting on Family to Arrive


Not a whole lot to report on today.  I was up early again today and once Bonnie got up and had breakfast she cut my hair. Then she did some cleaning, getting ready for our NY family that should be on their way tomorrow after school.

We have not had a whole lot of time to shop but we did have quite a few presents to wrap today.

I even wrapped quite a few, neither of us really like wrapping but it was kind of fun today.

I did catch up on some TV this afternoon also and it was almost dark when I went out and picked up the mail.  The package we got late last night from UPS was not ours and was from another nearby town.  So I put it out for UPS and finally tonight around 9pm they delivered my correct packages and picked up the mis-delivered one from last night.

Had a nice FT chat with GD Kaylee they are hitting the road tomorrow and should be here sometime on Saturday.


Today has been a day of anticipation.  First we waited to hear that our family was on its way, that happened late this afternoon.  Then we waited to hear that they got to there hotel safely.   So they are almost half way here.

Bonnie picked up Grace this morning and they started working on some Christmas cookies.


They took a break and we went and looked at a bedroom set that was listed for sale on facebook.  Robby met us there and we loaded up the bed, end tables and two dressers and brought them home.  Harrison came over and helped carry them upstairs to the guest room.  So we should be all ready for our NY family now.

Grace and Robby hung around all afternoon and we had some ham and eggs for supper, before they headed home.

We watched the new and I chatted off and on with the kids as they traveled from NY to PA and then to Ohio for the night. Looking forward to having them here tomorrow.


Today is the day.  The NY family started the day just South of Columbus first order of business was to feed Bailey.

It was a bit rainy so she ate in the back of the truck.  Then they loaded up and headed out.  Pictures curtesy of Dana.

They drove and drove and I keep track of them on line.  Robby and the girls came over around 3:00pm and we waited together.  Finally around 4:30 they pulled in,  looking pretty tired.  Lots of hugs and then we all headed into the house.

Bonnie had made a big pot of my mothers vegetable soup.  So we all had some of that.  Then Ashley got off work and brought some chicken salads plus we had cookies.  Then Elizabeth couldn’t wait and a bunch of them headed to Chick-Fil-A.  Reagan asked to spend the night with Kaylee and so she is spending her first night here.

They were all tired and pretty much everyone was in bed by 9:30.  Its about 11 now and I am headed there myself.


Christmas Eve is finally here.  I was the first one up this morning but Alyssa was up minutes later just after I made my oatmeal and coffee.  Then Kaylee and Bailey came down and Dana got up to go out for the morning walk with them.  Then he made them all some eggs and Elizabeth was up soon there after and made bacon.  So the morning was off to a good start.  We were even all ready for church at 9:15 and headed out the door.

When we got home the women each went separate ways but both went shopping.  Dana stayed home and with Kaylee’s help we started to empty the truck.  Robby and the girls came over part way through and helped finish up.  We moved a few pieces into the house and the rest is in the center of the garage for now.  Then Bonnie came home and Robby, Dana, Kaylee and I took the truck back.  We even folded up all the moving blankets.

Everyone was home when we got home so we chatted for a while and then we watched a movie called Blended, it was pretty funny.  We had some of the left over soup for a late lunch.  Then it was time to head to church for the candle light service.  We all got chemlight glow sticks in leu of wax candles, they worked pretty good and I think the kids liked them since we got to take them home.

Everyone came to the house and Ashley was through with work and got to come to church with us also.  Elizabeth made shrimp Alfredo but Bonnie noticed a problem as water was running out of the sink cabinet.  Dana jumped right in and diagnosed the garbage disposal leaking.  He dried things out and we took a break to eat.  Then Robby looked at it and removed the disposal.  Looks like it was not installed quite right and the plumbers putty was all dried out.  He went to his house and found some as the kitchen sink was out of commission at this point.  I went to work cleaning the sink mount up and of course sliced my finger.  He found some plumbers putty, it was a little tried out so we added some canola oil and it worked and we were able to reinstall the disposal and so far no leaks.

Meanwhile Bailey was looking for some quiet time.

She has been supper good,  Especially with the long ride down here, new surroundings and lots of people.  She a great dog.

Well Its late and I need to get to bed lots of presents under the tree.  Tomorrow should be a fun day.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night,

Thanks for Checking In!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Tell everyone hello.

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